Lucky now…

So between my lack of time and daylight in the start of winter and the 5 weeks off due to injury, I was not feeling very confident about where Lucky I were going to be at when we started back. I put together a very carefully thought out plan to get us back to work and started off day one with just a little bit of walk work. Much to my surprise and delight, while she was very stiff, she remembered everything! I was worried I was going to have to start over from square one, but instead I just had a less flexible, less fit version of what I had in the fall. I was sooooooo happy!


I will admit that Lucky was the one and only horse that I really didn’t want to put a good foundation on. At 20 (when I started with her) I really wasn’t too worried about doing things correctly. Luckily my good sense kicked in after talking with my friends and even after a rough start, I spent much of last year trying to do things the right way, even with Lucky fighting me every step of the way.


Rehabbing her back though I was so glad I had taken the time to do things the right way. She was a total joy to ride, and having a well trained horse made even 20 minutes at the walk seem like fun. I could move her shoulders and play around with lateral work, control the speed of her gaits, and really just mess around. Lucky and I still struggle with keeping consistent and steady contact all the way through, but we totally have butt to wither together no problem. If only I could get the energy all the way up! Things to work on right…


Even her canter is getting there. Lucky has a lot of canter issues (as many OTTBs do) but in the past when she was weak she could hardly even do it. Now, even our first canter back during rehab time, we can do a little work within the canter before she physically starts to fall apart.


Can you tell I am pleased with Lucky? I have been loving every single minute of riding her these days. She feels like a horse with training now! Do we still have our issues? Of course! But we have come a long way and I am loving the horse I get to ride right now!

Even my ride tonight was so much fun! It was hard, but it was just FUN. This is what riding is supposed to be like!


4 thoughts on “Lucky now…

  1. I am convinced “all things happen for a reason” and Lucky’s injury and the daylight came together to show you a path you might not have taken otherwise. Enjoying reading about your “journey.”

  2. So happy to hear YOUR happiness bubbling out in print! The joy of riding and seeing your hard work paying off is truly what it’s all about. Nobody will give you a ribbon for it but when your heart soars with Lucky’s progress, it’s better than any old piece of silk.

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