“So…what’s up with Lucky?”

It was just pointed out to me that minus a picture and a mention in the horsanilty post, I have not talked about Lucky. Yikes, I have a lot to talk about with her! Instead of doing one crazy long post I am going to try and be good and actually post a few times this week and get everyone up to speed on how my little Goddess is doing.

Let’s start from the last sort of real post I did on her…February 15th…this picture below was from that day.

Lucky had hurt herself and I was worried it was a tendon injury. I did manage to wait out the weekend before having the vet come out, but I did call him for reassurance several times to make sure I was not putting money (i.e. emergency weekend vet call) over horse care. I cold hosed, scrubbed the cut with antibacterial soap and wrapped it.

When my vet came on Monday morning he got out of the car, knelt down to take a look at Lucky’s giant puffy left hind and confirmed that she did indeed have a tendon injury. He smiled though and told me not to worry. It wasn’t serious. Seeing that I was clearly not convinced he told me the injury was an extensor tendon injury and that he would even let me google it to prove it wasn’t the end of the world. Since he has told me many times I am not allowed to google things (I am pretty sure he was ready to cut my ethernet cable himself when Gen was hurt) I let out a big sigh.

Extensor tendons are apparently not critical and usually pretty quick to heal. Yay. The 8 inch cut in the shape of a J, now that was more of an issue. Lucky clearly had a cellulitis and it was going to be hard to keep such a large cut clean and dry (yeah…it was a lose lose situation, cold hosing for one part of the injury was not great for the cut). My vet cleaned out the cut and then put a soft cast on to help with the swelling. Lucky was to be kept on stall rest for a few more days (have I mentioned how she hates to be in a stall period…like even having to come in to eat annoys her) and she got started on a round of antibiotics right away.

Things I learned from that week…

1) Lucky hates being on stall rest.

2) Trying to do two hand walks a day with her while she is on stall rest was the equivalent of walking a 2 year old racehorse from saddling area out to the track.

3) Soft casts meant to draw away heat from an injury are very, very messy


4) Lucky can really hold a grudge and throw some dirty looks. I was actually feeling bad for trying to help her get better by day number 2!

Overall it was not a very fun time at all. Getting to Lucky’s every day was tough, and when I had to do twice a days it was no fun at all.

The good news was that after a few days on stall rest and many more confined to her little paddock along with lots of TLC and plenty of antibiotics Lucky finally got better. It took a good 5 weeks from the time of injury to come back 100%, with a minor set back, but she has made a full recovery!


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