Horse Personality?

After seeing so many people do the personality typer on their horses, I had to get in to the game as well. I think that every horse has a unique personality so I was interested to see how a quick 24 question assessment online would come back.

I must say that it was spot on because my dear Gen came back as the Rock Star.

Confident and Charismatic, yup, that pretty much sums up my Gen. I know that I am anthropomorphizing, but I always know what he is thinking. He is hands down the most expressive horse that I have ever met. He is also one of the smartest and most stubborn. It was fun to remember back to how he was as a riding horse and answer those questions. I would say that in 24 quick questions it came back very accurate, so of course I had to try doing Lucky.

Lucky came back as a Goddess.

Loved by all other horses and people? I must admit that is a pretty accurate description of my sweet girl. I literally cannot take her anywhere without getting comments about how great she is (she really is awesome). Even with being old and newly trained people always say they want her. She is of course a barn favorite as well. In the description of the goddess they mention that this type of horse can be scattered and hard to focus…I totally agree!!! She is also happy to get as much attention as people will give her. Gen expects a lot of attention (because he deserves it of course) where as Lucky is just happy to soak it all in.

Want to see what your horse comes back as? Take the test yourself!


8 thoughts on “Horse Personality?

  1. Funny, Laz got the Steady Eddy…which is awesome and pretty much him! 🙂 Rock star and a Goddess, how funny! 🙂

  2. Ace is The Accountant … and this description is completely spot on!

    Also, it is hilarious that your horses both came back with diva personalities. 😉

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