“but I’m bored”


Gen is not a very happy camper at the moment. Spring is a wet and muddy time in my area, and after an especially gross winter Gen’s field was looking disgusting. The barn owners re-seed every field in the spring, but this year it was clear Gen’s field would need even more TLC.

Gen’s field is being rested. While that is going on he is going out in the medical field. Day 1 of this arrangement he was happy as a clam. He had a new field to destroy. A white canvas so to speak. By day 3 he was bored and by day 10 he was just miserable.

I keep pointing out to him that he is lucky this is happening. His field will be great when he goes back out in it. I point to the pile of hay that is always in font of him and tell him not to be bored. I remind him that some horses live in smaller pens then this. He is choosing to ignore all that at this point.

His game plan is to look pathetic. The more pathetic he looks, the more attention he gains. There is a lot of this pity staring just beyond the human stuff. He feels like Black Beauty, tortured dreaming of better days.

Too bad horses cant win an Oscar. His performance everyday pulls at my heart strings everything. And then I remind myself that King Gen has it pretty good, even though he must go out in a medical pasture.

Poor Gen…life is so hard…


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