Hmmm… :(

That cut is not looking very infected. In fact, the heat is above the cut. I will call vet today and see what he says. I would like to avoid the emergency weekend call if possible, it is still really swollen though after being wrapped over night.


9 thoughts on “Hmmm… :(

  1. Did you treat the cut before you wrapped it? I’m not one for wrapping anything until I’ve had the vet look at it and give me instructions on wrapping. Sometimes wraps for “protection” during training actually weaken the leg’s structure “system” (tendons, ligaments, etc.)–I’ve read this. And sometimes circulation, which is crucial for healing injuries, is compromised. Calling the vet is always a good idea. I don’t have my vet on speed dial, but I do have his number memorized. Good luck, and keep us informed.

    • In the case of an injury, the issue isn’t so much that it can compromise the structures of the leg, but that the fluids in the circulatory and lymphatic system aren’t able to occupy the confined space within the wraps, so they travel up or down the leg, which can sometimes panic people as they think there’s another issue occurring, when really it’s just the swelling associated with the original injury being forced into a different location. Same thing happens in people.

  2. Though you probably already know this, I’ll mention it just in case:
    When you wrap a leg that’s had any type of injury, you are restricting fluid movement in the leg. That’s not to say wrapping is bad- it isn’t. However, as a mammal a horse’s lymphatic system will kick into action whenever there’s a risk of infection (as with the cut) and naturally the circulatory system is (very minor) affected by minor cuts and abrasions as well. When you wrap a leg, you cause the fluid to collect above or below the wrap, and due to the locaiton of the cut the only real place for it to collect is above the wrap. Don’t get me wrong- I think calling the vet is a smart move. All I’m saying is that it could be just a minor issue.

    Fingers crossed all goes well 😦

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