Not cute Gen…

I think Gen wants me to have a heart attack. Out of revenge. Yesterday I went to the barn to groom him. He was, of course, covered in mud again. I took him out of his field, brought him in to the cross ties, went to get my grooming bag, came back out and looked at him and then couldn’t deal. I just wanted to breath clearly for once! So I put my grooming bag away unused and put my filthy pony back out just as dirty as he came in.

I felt terrible about it. I was guilty for the whole rest of the night and had I not had plans I probably would have gone back out to groom him. By this morning I had forgotten about it, but clearly my Gen had not.

Gen dropped 4 fence boards today and let himself out of his field. NOT CUTE!!!

Luckily the Barn Owners Son was home so Gen was only out for a few minutes. Unluckily it is SOUP outside so Mr. Galloping High With Freedom FELL!!!!!

It was witnessed by a neighbor driving by. MY HORSE FELL!! I know it is his own fault, but can we say scary?!?!?!

Thank GOD my Gen is okay. He fell, got back up and ran back towards the barn where the Barn Owner’s Son was on his his way down with a lead rope. Thankfully my retired horse has no stamina so he was already getting tuckered out and decided that being caught was a good idea. The poor kid hand walked Gen until he was cool and gave him a once over. By the time the Barn Owner called Gen was already sleeping off his adventure, but he also was also starting to feel the impact of the fall a little. I just about had a heart attack when I got the call of “Now don’t cry or get upset because he is fine but…”

I am proud to say that I didn’t cry! I may have driven to the barn like a manic. Thankfully no cops were on the road because I was feeling..well…I just wanted to see him myself. I trust the Barn Owner, but I also wanted to run MY hands over him and see what a “little heat” was. Have I mentioned that I love my Gennyral? The he is the best horse in the whole wide world and must live forever? Or that I may be a little attached to him…

So when I got to the barn I braced myself for an injured horse. He fell on his right, but I started with his bad leg. Sure enough it was a bit warm to the touch on the inside and a little swollen. Not bad, but enough that I wanted to cold hose and wrap him right away. I went on to the fall side and found that his right shoulder was a little warm and a little sore, but he could still bend and flex it. His right side by the ribs was a little sensitive to the touch (his ears would go back) but I could still rub him all over and while his hip cracked when I touched it (ewwwww) it was clearly cool to the touch and not swollen at all. I walked and jogged him out to be safe, but Gen was actually fine fall and all.

I can’t handle this kind of stress!!! Gen was very, very lucky this time. Why must my 21 year old think it is cute to RUN??? It could have been so much worse. While I am sure the mud is the reason he fell, it is also the thing that saved him. So while Gen risked injuring himself in the process, I learned my lesson. No more not giving Gen attention, even for a day. He clearly will find a way to get it on his own if I don’t do it!!! I spent a long, long time with him today and cold hosed and wrapped his leg over night just to be cautious. I am still upset with him. I am trying not to be, but it is hard. Doesn’t he know his leg is not normal and that he needs to be CAREFUL!! The fence boards are getting nailed in at first light tomorrow just to be cautious. Why must Gen insist on making his own fun?!?!


3 thoughts on “Not cute Gen…

  1. Have you ever thought of running a wire, even if you only do the top rail? It’s relatively inexpensive. I had to do it when my draft cross gelding learned he could push his way through three board wood fencing. The barn owner did the work, but I paid for the fence charger, wire, etc. I figured that was fair cause he kept getting out and harassing the mares.

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