Oh Sheet!

Gen has been blanketless for a few years now. A few times a year when it is especially brutal out he will get a sheet or blanket on, but for the most part his polar bear fur is enough to keep him warm and happy. He is getting older so he is being watched carefully, and with the cold snap last week Gen went back to blankets, at least for a few days. His coat isn’t nearly as thick this year so while I am disappointed, I agree with the Barn Owner’s decision of putting blankets on him when it is in the 20s. I would rather deal with blankets than have him shiver and use all his energy to keep warm!.

So needless to say my tack hoarder self has a full set of blankets for him regardless. When I first got Gen he would go through blankets like other horses go through hay. With him being blanketless my blanket budget has gone down from $500 a year for repairs and replacements to none! It has been great!

Well, my streak is coming to an end because Gen decided that green was no longer his color…so his green sheet is not doing so well these days.

Gen is turned out alone because he can be a touch aggressive with horses (he loves ponies, but we don’t have any of those around here). He is also very social and loves to play with the other horses over the fence. He must have told his friends about his dislike of green because in only a few hours out with his sheet on during a particularly windy day Gen and friends put not one, but 13 bite tears in his blanket! Sigh. All rips are clearly mouth shaped and I am sure all the boys had great fun tearing Gen’s sheet, but if I want to get it repaired it is going to be pricy because I will either need 13 small patches or a huge one that is about 18″ wide and 4 feet long. Add to that a leg strap that is sticky and a belly strap that is clearly frayed after getting stuck on something one day and I think it is time for a new sheet.

So I have learned that these days Gen needs at least 1200 Denier. Which is, of course, very expensive. I want a sheet that will last so I would rather buy 1 good sheet to last the rest of the year than 3 600 denier sheets. My toasty pony also needs a sheet with no fill. His sheet is pretty much only on when it is right above freezing and rainy or windy out so I don’t need anything fancy, but if it were red, black or grey I would love that.

So I want to know if anyone out there has a horse that can be hard on a blanket and what they have found that works. While I am really, really hoping for something under $100. I know that is not going to happen though. I do have some Christmas money left for new muck boots so even though my dream budget is only $100, I can go up to $180 if need be. I just want something that is going to last! Anyone know of anything good??


11 thoughts on “Oh Sheet!

  1. Check out “Tack of the Day”–periodically they have deals on their TOTD blankets and sheets that are well made–taped seams, easy to replace lobster claw snaps in front, crossed surcingles, leg straps, and well worth replacing. Of course, you have to wait for the day the blanket is offered. But get on their mailing list anyway. Daily specials and I’ve ordered from them often. Never been disappointed.

    Second suggestion: Check out Schneider’s Saddlery, http://www.sstack.com. More good deals, affordable AND if the blanket “meets its maker,” it’s worth repairing.

  2. I’d second trying Schneiders. Just make sure you order one with a warranty. They are wonderful about replacing them if they get torn for ANY reason and very easy to work with. I had one blanket from them that kept tearing right down the middle of the back. After replacing it twice, they suggested it must be a manufacturing defect and suggested a different blanket. I agreed and they sent that one – at no additional cost even though it was a more expensive blanket. I’ve had a few of their heavy sheets for 5-6 years and they still look almost new and Stanley is out in a BIG pasture with at least 6-10 other horses. They have a variety of prices but again, I’d highly recommend going for the ones with the warranty of at least 1 year but the 2 year sheets are even better.

  3. Ah, hah! So Gen doesn’t like green and has made it a community project to rid himself of such attire. This really is too funny, but a guy has to do what he has to do. Good luck, look forward to seeing him in his new blanket.

  4. My favorite tough-as-nails turnout sheet is Amigo XL. It’s $129 from SmartPac, no shipping fee. It’s an ugly olive green, but really well made with great coverage. It’s cut a little fuller, so it may not work for Gen, but it’s a great sheet.

  5. http://www.sstack.com/Horse-Blankets-And-Sheets_Waterproof-Turnout-Blankets_Fitted-V-Free/StormShield–NEW-BRITION-Original-Bellyband-Turnouts/?green=94307F6C-656A-50DC-B1D2-4FF5E646021D

    This is a StormSheild on clearance sale right now at Schneiders.. midweight (220 gm insulation) is on sale for $95 (Only Navy available) the sheet with no insulation is available in Burgandy and is $90

    They also have the Surcingle sheet on sale for the same prices

    StormShield® 1200D ORIGINAL NEW BRITON Bellyband Turnouts

    1200D Ripstop Polyester
    Indoor outdoor coverage
    1200 Denier Polyester / Choice of Insulation / Nylon Lining
    1 Year Guarantee. Read Warranty
    Color: Burgundy or Navy
    Sizes: 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86
    Learn more about StormShield® Turnout Blanket Features
    Learn more about our Fitted V-Free Fit Turnouts

    Hope you get to buy your muck boots!

  6. Ace got a new mid-weight Schneiders blanket this year and it’s awesome! I LOVE that they make different cuts that fit different shapes/breeds. The Vtek VFree fits my narrow, long, shark-withered Ace beautifully. And they are well made and durable. I can’t say enough good things about it. (Plus, they are local to my area.)

    Most of the horses at our barn use various Schneiders blankets, and they seem to hold up well across the board.

    Check out: http://www.sstack.com/horse-blankets-and-sheets_waterproof-turnout-blankets_vtek-v-free/

    Comes in black and red!

  7. Just wondered if you selected a blanket, what you went with, and if you are happy? I’m doing some blanket shopping, and the decisions are killing me. I had one from sstack picked out, and it is sold out for the season in the size I need. Grrr! Back to the drawing boards I guess.

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