2012 Gift Giving Guide – Great gift ideas for people who love horses!

I can’t believe this is the 5th edition of my gift giving guide! If you need more ideas feel free to look at years past. As always, the gift ideas will be organized by price and will include links for online shopping!

Under $15

Leather Gloves – $10 – No, I am not kidding. You can get leather gloves for $10! They are item number 93102 and a closeout at dressage extensions. Brand name leather gloves are anywhere between $40-100 dollars so you can wow your friends with this very expensive gift at an extreme discount price. I know the white and black color is unique, but for $10 I know I will wear mine to school. Get these now before they run out!

Crystal Show Bow – $8.95 – Hairnets of any kind are a welcome gift to any rider that shows. This is for the dressage rider who wants to get that little extra sparkle in the show ring.

Braiding Bands and tape – $6 – Even people who do not show use these handy little rubber bands. Get this with a nice brush from Walmart and the braiding tape and you have a really cool gift for under $10!

Under $15

Buck – $12.99 – So I am a bad horse person because before I saw this movie I had never heard of Buck Brannaman. It doesn’t matter how you feel about natural horsemanship, this is an excellent movie. It is a documentary that is extremely well done and is of course packed with horses 🙂

Reading Glasses – $15 – Okay, so I don’t need glasses myself, but if I did I would get these. They are adorable. Equestrian inspired, but subtle enough not to get you labeled at the horse crazy person in the office. The picture is not working, but they have little half snaffle bits on the side.

Glitter Belt – $13 – Gray glitter belt. The belt is the perfect belt to wear to a dressage show. It is not too thick, it is gray so it is not crazy flashy, yet it is glitter!!! Don’t show dressage? This belt is plenty adorable enough and cheap enough to just wear around the barn.

Under $25

OTTB Tee – $23 -This is the PERFECT gift for a Thoroughbred owner. I myself own a plus size version of this shirt (you can contact the seller for special orders) in gray that I wore to almost every show this year! I don’t spend a lot on clothes so over $20 for a t-shirt was a first for me, but I have to tell you, it is totally worth it. The fabric on the shirt is so soft! This shirt is seriously comfortable and worth every penny! I know it has become one of my favorites! Plus you can write on the card that a portion of the proceeds went to help rescue Off-Track Thoroughbreds. It is a total win-win!

Wheelbarrow Water Storage – $18.95 – Okay, I will admit it. The Hurricane traumatized me. This is a very practical gift for ANY horse lover. I have never seen it before, but want like 4 of them now! You never know when you can use an extra 20 gallons of water.

Otterbox – $24 – This is literally my number 1 barn essential. I didn’t get a smart phone until last year because I know myself, I kill phones. I drop them in mud, from horse back, from hay lofts, etc. I didn’t want to spend $200 on a phone only to kill it 6 months later (my previous lifespan of a phone). One of my friends told me to get an Otterbox defender case when I got my iphone. It has been just over a year and my phone is still alive even though Lucky has stepped on it, Gen has bitten it and I have dropped it while riding. These cases come in a TON of colors and can be purchased for most phones. If you get this in someone’s horsey colors (Gen’s colors are red and black which is my case color) they will be sure to thank you for many, many months to come!

Personalized Horse Necklace – $25 – I LOVE this! In fact, I love it so much that I had to get one for my Mexican General. I love that it is personalized so it is a unique gift for your friends, I loved that it is mixed metal so it can be worn with anything and I love that it is only $25! Don’t have a horse? This shop has a whole line of necklaces already made with cute sayings on them. I may have stumbled on to this shop because they have a a necklace with a ribbon on it.

Solar Charged Flashlight – $25 – I want! I know that most of my readers didn’t just loose power for 5 days, but I did and this would have been worth its wait in gold! Think about how perfect this would be to just lying around the barn in case of emergency. Plus it comes in a variety of colors so it can have that nice personal feel. I know, it is a totally practical gift, but I doubt many people would spend $25 on a flashlight for themselves.

Glitter Dressage Whip – $23.95 – So I might need a glitter intervention in 2013. This very cute whip is perfect for schooling! You can never have too many whips, and since I haven’t even seen this in the tack stores yet you are sure to be giving them something they don’t already have.

Under $50

Personalized Totes – $27-45 – So I am sure you are thinking this isn’t a very horsey gift, but trust me, it is! I got one of these totes as a gift over the summer and I have used it almost everyday since. They are PERFECT for keeping your barn clothes in. I go straight to the barn after work everyday I get complements all the time about my cute “barn bag”. Not only is this tote super sturdy and comes in a ton of colors, but you can get with or without a zipper and it can be personalized. This is the perfect gift for a barn owner or training who has everything. Want to go really crazy, for about $15 extra dollars you can get the colors 100% customized. And you can buy the bag and bring it to an embroidery story to get the barn logo on it so for about $100 you will have a totally custom, totally useful gift.

Orange Coat – $47.5 – Okay, so I know I wrote $47.50, but this orange pea coat is from Old Navy and they have sales ALL the time. Just yesterday they did 30% off of everything and it is black Friday so they have an even better deal today. 50% off coats! As you all know, a good barn coat is $100 easily. I LOVE this coat in orange for trail riding during hunting season. It is cheap, comfortable and a great gift to keep the ones you loved safe!

Muck Shoes – $49.99 – These shoes are all rubber with a stretchy elastic up top for easy sliding. They are great for pulling on and heading to the barn and are about half the price of clogs! Think of it like slippers for the barn!

Mini Jump Stand – $39.99 – These adorable stands are 2 inches tall. You can stack 2 of them on top of each other for a cute 6 inch crossrail or just use them alone for a slightly elevated trot pole. They come in a ton of colors and are adorable!

Under $100

Kerrits Full Seat Riding Tights – $98.95 – A good pair of breeches can make every day at the barn even better. These full seat ribbed riding tights (also available in plus sizes) are the first pair under $100 that I have found that are both flattering and comfortable. I don’t own a pair yet, but when I tried them on I knew they had to go on to my christmas wish list! Hopefully I have been good so Santa will leave me a pair under the tree.

Animal Print Saddle Pad – $59.95 – Okay, I admit it. I love animal print. Zebra print to be specific. It is very “in” right now so I had to control myself and not put up the halter, socks, polo wraps, blankets, and well, you get the idea. Horse lover not a dressage rider? Don’t worry, you can still be fabulous in western or hunters! The hunter version might be a bit more tasteful, but it is still fun at heart!

Under $500

Dressage Vest – $469.95 – Good thing this doesn’t come in plus sizes because I WANT one! I usually just prefer to show in a polo when they waive jackets, but this looks so much nicer! It is the ultra classy way to go without getting heat stroke. I hope other brands start making dressage show vests because I think it is a really great idea.

Custom Helmet – $309.99 – I love my gr8 helmet! It is my show helmet, but if I could get one of these in hot pink and black I know I would wear it everyday! If you are going to wear a helmet you should at least like it right?! If you have no idea what to get the horse lover in your life you should get the helmet for them. It shows that you want to protect their head! Since helmets need to be fitted you might want to print out a picture for them and head to your local tack store after Christmas to order.


4 thoughts on “2012 Gift Giving Guide – Great gift ideas for people who love horses!

  1. Great guide! I have to link everyone I know! I do wish they used a two wheeled wheel barrow to advertise the water cover. Balancing water on one wheel is TOUGH with the cover or not!

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