I would love a light blue or grey ribbon…

So as you all know, I love my ribbons. I am eligible for year end awards from 4 different organizations this year…my most ever! Gen and I got 3 year-ends from 3 different organizations in 2006, but never in my life have I been qualified for 4. That being said, I don’t if Lucky and I did well enough to get something from all 4 organizations, but I am hopeful.

I already know that we got reserve by default from the Show Grounds that was like an hour away. The other places have not posted results yet, but I think that one of the GMOs is going to announce soon. They usually have their results posted by Nov 15th. That is next week!

This GMO is the one whose Championship show I had to miss because of my finger. They place through 10th, which gives me a little hope. Looking at the results (what? You already know I am ribbon crazy…I can’t help myself!) a lot of people are in the 70s. I know that there is no way Lucky and I going to be in the top half of the results, but I am hopeful that maybe, just maybe we broke the top 10.

My big fear? That we will be 8th. Whose idea was it to make poopy brown a ribbon color? I mean, there are so many beautiful colors, why poopy brown? Even beige would be nice!

I know that some of you think I am crazy, but I would much rather get 9th with a beautiful light blue or 10th which I think is light grey, instead of an ugly brown ribbon. Placing in the top is not usually something that is important to me. As long as I get a ribbon I am happy. For me being 3rd or being 6th isn’t that different. I just really don’t want to be 8th!

I should know soon if I get my wish or not. Don’t worry, if I get 8th I will be gracious, but not that gracious 😛 And if I get nothing I will tell myself that at least I didn’t get 8th! I mean, really…poop brown?!?!?!


2 thoughts on “I would love a light blue or grey ribbon…

  1. I hope you do get your ribbons no matter what color they are! I’d have to check but I think my daughter won a brown at the Hampton Classic about twenty years ago and was happy to get it. I know you’ll be gracious no matter what you get. 🙂

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