I blame Where’s Waldo…

So I love horsey costume class. I spend hours and hours coming up with ideas and making costumes. I am starting to think though that one of my costumes might be cursed.

Last year I made a “Where’s Waldo” costume for Lucky and I. It turned out great. Totally adorable and very, very clever. It took a lot of work, but I was able to make most of both of our costumes so all told it only cost me about $40 in supplies for everything. I spent a long time making it just perfect and it was ready to roll last year when a big rain storm came along the weekend of the show we were going to do it at.

Needless to say the show was canceled due to the rain (it was only a few weeks after Hurricane Irene so EVERYTHING was still flooding easily) but re-scheduled for the last weekend in October. Okay, Lucky and I had terrible show luck last year so I just assumed it was one more odd occurrence stopping us from filling my show dreams. I had a dressage show scheduled for the last weekend in October, and as luck would have it they were also going to be doing a costume class so I wouldn’t miss out.

I was thrilled and was ready to go to the show, even with a blizzard being predicted for later in the day. I had gotten the trailer all hooked up when the snow came about 6 hours early. No costume class in 2011 for Lucky and I. Again, last year was not a good show year so I wasn’t too worried about it.

I am not thinking though that the costume is cursed.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to make a costume, I made a new one this year for the Fun show back in the beginning of October. I figured I would use Where’s Waldo for the dressage show at the end of the month and the new costume for the fun show. Well, the fun show went off without a hitch. The dressage show I was planning to use the Where’s Waldo costume for?

Well, Hurricane Sandy decided that my show season was done already for this year and it was canceled.

Honestly, it is not common for shows to get canceled by me. Even moving a show is a rare things down here. For three shows to get canceled, all of which I was going to use the same costume for, well…I think there is something to that.

So I have decided to pack away the Where’s Waldo costume, never to see the light of day again. I thought about selling it next year to someone who wants a costume but doesn’t want to do the work, but decided against it. Three strikes and you are out costume. Besides, what if it really is cursed and I would be passing that bad mojo on to something else? I couldn’t do that to another person. I think the safest thing to do is put it in the costume box in my basement and forget that I ever made it!


One thought on “I blame Where’s Waldo…

  1. Well I’m glad to see someone besides me is superstitious about their costume. For the last two years I’ve had my ’70’s hippie’ costume ready to wear. Last year I fell off Blue and we had the snowstorm, this year Sandy, so I never got to wear it. My oldest daughter has an awesome Halloween party every year but I couldn’t make it for the last two years. So I’m thinking my costume is bad luck too and may retire it for good! Your Waldo costume sounds really great, maybe if you just keep it and don’t plan to use it the Halloween festivities will go on next year and you can take it out of storage at the last minute.

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