Dodging Sandy’s Bullet?

So they updated the storm track late last night and have kept the same prediction all morning. Sandy is going to make land fall further south than they thought yesterday afternoon. That is good news! Right now when you look at the models they have a red line for the center and two white lines indicating it could land north or south by this much. As of this morning both ponies and myself are just north of the white line. Yay!

When I woke up at 7 it was sprinkling, but it has since started to really rain. It is windy, but not scary windy. At this moment it feels like a regular storm. In fact, it is 60 degrees out right now so it feels like a summer storm. I got a text from Gen’s this morning saying they are going to toss them out for a few hours. While I am sure King Gen is not so happy with this, I think it is a good thing since they are likely to be in through tomorrow afternoon once this thing really hits. I can already picture Gen standing under the pine trees in the top of his field looking miserable. Hopefully he will be smart enough to get out of the way if a branch falls or anything.

Oh, and just got clarification, Lucky is out for the storm, but she is not out out. The run in at the back of the barn has a pen with it that is like 25 feet by 40 feet. Normally she and Charlie get full run of the barn yard, but for the storm they will be locked up in the pen.

I am glad I do not live in a coastal area. They look like they are going to get slammed. And while I am happy not to have myself or my ponies in the path of the storm I think a lot of horse farms are going to be impacted. Sandy is literally going to be crossing right through the southern part of our horse country. I wanted to move some stuff higher in my basement just in case so while I am doing that I think I will go through my spare horsey gear and pull blankets, halters, leads, buckets, etc. out so that when the calls for help come in I can bring things right to a donation center if needed.

Can you tell I am bored right now? I hate being stuck at home, especially since I have a PILE of work to do from home (they declared a state of emergency for today and tomorrow so no going in to work for 2 days). I guess I should get back to it. As long as the power stays on I have plenty to do, even if I don’t really want to do it…


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