The ponies are Frankenstorm ready…

So I was actually half way through a different post on something that makes me very happy (hint, hint it might have to do with checking something online and a ribbon) when I got my 3rd e-mail from a concerned reader about the Hurricane, so I will save my good news for tomorrow and instead tell you how I have spent my weekend.

So as you all know, in general, I tend to be super anxious about…well..everything! hahaha…from driving the trailer to having to show in high heat I can waste a lot of energy on being a worry wart so you might think that I would be freaking out about Hurricane Sandy. Not so. I actually think extreme weather is kind of exciting. My mother thinks I am crazy, but I honestly think that smaller natural disasters, especially ones that you can prepare for, are interesting. I certainly don’t want anyone to get hurt or to loose their homes, but you have to admit that the power of mother nature is just amazing.

That being said, this storm, while huge at about 1,000 miles across is only a category 1 Hurricane. So even though I am only 50 miles away from where they think the eye will hit, I am not freaking out. Sure, 6-10 inches of rain is going to cause some flooding, but the water levels are low enough that it shouldn’t be washing away whole towns inland (the shore is another story, but they chose to live there). They are predicting sustained winds of 50-60 mph with wind gusts up to 80. And that ladies and gentleman is why I have been so busy this weekend.

We just got a Hurricane last year so I have a fairly good idea what to expect this time around which makes planing a lot easier. I am not worried at all about flooding at the barns. Both have creeks running through the bottom of the property which was a cause of concern last year, but now I know it would take a lot more rain then what we are expecting to flood. Trees falling on the barn or in a field is a slight concern, but since so many of the trees not doing well fell over last October during the freak snow storm most of the trees at both barns are healthy.

So what is my real concern? Well, since the ground will be wet and the winds will be lasting 36 hours or more I think that loosing power is the real concern at both barns. Last Hurricane the power went out at Gen’s barn for 8 days!!! 8! Yet Lucky’s barn which is only 10 min away only lost power for a few hours. Since both barns use well water the loss of power could be very bad, which is why it is so important to prepare.

I love to prep for things. I so should have been an event planner. Gen’s barn didn’t need my help, but Lucky’s Owner hasn’t been feeling 100% lately so she gave me full rein to get the barn ready for the storm. I love a project. I have spent hours over the past two days getting the barn ready in case of a loss of power. It took a while, but I found 10 buckets that didn’t leak so there would be two water buckets in a stall instead of one.

I then went to all 6 water troughs and cleaned them and re-filled them to the top. These are 50 gallon tubs so they last a while in between needing to be re-filled. If there were not enough I also found another water trough that wasn’t being used and brought it over to the front of the barn. I cleaned and filled that as well so now if the power does go out Lucky’s Owner can just scoop up new water in to the bucket from that trough. I know, I am crazy. But I love thinking of every possibility! It is like a game to me to come up with solutions to potential problems.

I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust me, it took forever! I also threw a bunch of hay down so that Lucky’s Owner will not have to climb up to the hay loft in the dark. Lucky will be outside during the storm since there are not enough stalls at the moment since the Grandkid’s ponies are still at the barn. I made sure that Lucky and Charlie’s Run-In Shed, which backs up to the barn, was in good shape and tied down this door thing so it wouldn’t blow in the wind.

Gen’s barn is also storm ready. I know I pay a ton in board, but man, it was nice today to pull in to the barn and see how well prepared they were already. They have five spare 25 gallon water containers that are in front of the barn right now filled with clean water. They also have 30 gallons of water in closed containers in the wash stall and probably another 40 gallons in clean buckers in the hay barn ready to go if needed. They also have plenty of hay and grain incase they can’t get out because of downed power lines. I added my water container from my trailer to the mix just in case, but it is a really nice feeling to know that they are so prepared.

So hopefully all of my pepping will be for not. I really don’t feel like this is the storm of the century, but I am not a meteorologist so who knows. Better safe than sorry right? I spent extra time with both ponies today because any time there is a bad storm the way to the barn gets blocked so there is a good chance I wont see my Gen or my Lucky for a few days. I am ready for the storm knowing that I did everything I could to help get ready for it.

I do have a few posts that I am going to try and finish up today, so even if I end up loosing power I will have them post. And of course I will do instant updates if there is anything to report!


4 thoughts on “The ponies are Frankenstorm ready…

  1. It seems like we have a lot more time to prepare for this one compared to both the snow in October and Irene in August. Our barn now has a generator, so hopefully everyone will be okay because you KNOW we’re going to loose power.

  2. Don’t forget the panic purchases of milk & bread!!!!!
    Seriously- it sounds like you have everything under control; we did pretty much the same thing yesterday. Today was batten down the hatches at home (because the ponies come first!)- stay safe!

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