Lucky’s Last “Fun Show” of 2012 – Part 3

First up was In-Hand trail. This was another bigger class, but I had hope that Lucky and I would place. I watch other people do the course and they were going in to the obstacles with their horses. At first I figured that since everyone else was doing it I would too, but as they called my number I made a split second decision to do it the right way. Lucky was a rock star on the course. They had a long trot section with tight turns that was tough for her, but she was listening and trying her best.

The hardest obstacle on the course was a set of cones that you had to wave through and back up at the same time. I turned to face her and make her do it and took my injured left hand off the rope to back her up. I stupidly had my injured hand close to her while I pulled her with the right. I was through the first two cones before I realized that it must look like I was pushing her so I quickly dropped my left hand. I think it was too late though. Minus that little mistake the course was great. Lucky even hopped over a little cross rail on her own while I was next to her. The gate was tricky with only one useable hand, but we got through it.

When they announced the results I was a little disappointed again. After what I had thought was a great round, especially considering I didn’t do the obstacles with Lucky, we ended up in 4th. I had thought that Junior Trail would be the next class so I was relaxing at the trailer with Boomerang when they called my number to go for the trail class!! Thank goodness Boomerang was there! She ended up tacking up Lucky while I got myself ready. We got ready fast and were ready to go in no time for the trail class.

Boomerang is awesome and ended up video taking my trail class!

So this was my 4th class of the day and it was the one I was least proud of. I know that if I had two good hands I could have rocked this trail course. Lucky and I love to go sideways normally, but I couldn’t figure out how to cue her to half pass over that stupid pole. The cones were also ugly because I really couldn’t use my left hand. As a result I was not thrilled with my performance in the trail class as we walked out of the ring. Plus my hand was killing me!

Clearly everyone else was having a worse day though because when they announced the results of the class Lucky and I got 2nd!!!

I was soooo happy, but also a little worried. If my hand hurt after a single trail class, how could I even think about riding the rest of the day. I looked around and saw only about 10 people in English attire and really wanted to show in the English classes…so I did what any self respecting 20 something would do…and begged my friend to stay! Poor Boomerang is the nicest person ever and agreed to stay at the show! She went from just coming by to say hi, to videoing my trail class, to getting suckered in to staying the whole day in no time! Thankfully she is a good sport because knowing she was going to be around made me determined to do the rest of the day. I already had three ribbons, which is a lot for a DQ like me to get in a single day, and now I had hope of earning a few more…


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