Lucky’s Last “Fun Show” of 2012 – Part 2

I had gotten to the show so early that I was totally ready to go 10 minutes before the show was supposed to start. I went to the ring dressed and ready to go with Lucky shinning in the sunlight. The problem was no one else was ready. Not only that, but people were still driving in. Seriously??? I have cut it close myself a time or two, but I would never expect the show to wait for me! But the people running this show are like the nicest people ever so wait we did.

My Trainer showed up with her lead line student and my friend Boomerang texted me asking if she could drop by for a few minutes. Finally, 30 minutes after the show was supposed to start we got a 10 minute ring call. Lucky was a little over being In-Hand by this point, but the first class of the day was Showmanship, something I think I have learned to be pretty good at, so I was all smiles as we all went to line up.

When I started going to these “Fun Shows” a few years ago I had no idea how to show In-Hand. As time has gone on I have learned more and more and with my love of looking good at a show and big smile I have to say that I usually do well in the Showmanship class. I thought I rocked my pattern. Lucky made faces before we started, but as soon as the judge acknowledged us and we went to work Lucky was focused and listening. We even did a killer halt/trot/halt. I was beaming during inspection and thought I nailed my “quarters”. I was sure we would do well.

When they announced the results I listened closely hoping for a blue. They called someone else for first, but I was still smiling because I was sure I would get second. No such luck. I got 3rd. Okay, no big deal. Maybe I did something wrong and didn’t realize it. I was a little disappointed though because I usually do well. I didn’t have time to thing about it though because my next class up was the Material Mare/Gelding class. I love my Lucky, but I know that conformation is not her strong suit.

We just lined up when Boomerang arrived to cheer us on. Sure enough when they announced the results of that class we didn’t place. Not even close. They lined us up in order at the end and Lucky and I were 3rd from last with two not so attractive horses behind us. I told Lucky that she was beautiful and not to worry about it during the break for leadline before the trail class.

I had a great time cheering on my trainers student (who was Reserve Champion even though she was like 4 years younger than some of the kids) and Lucky was starting to get the hang of this whole trailer tie thing. She loved being out in the sun light was people constantly stopping her telling her she was beautiful. Before I knew it they were setting up the trail course.

To Be Continued…


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