Lucky’s Last “Fun Show” of 2012 – Part 1

So when I hurt my hand I was soooo upset that it meant the end of my show season with Lucky. Especially after my disastrous attempt at riding the day before Championships. Not one to throw in the towel so easily I knew I had to go to the last “Fun Show” of the year no matter what. Worst case scenario they have an In-Hand division and a costume class. You all know I love a good horsey costume! Leading up to the show I was riding a little, but it was really hard. I can’t just not ride until my tendons are better so I was doing mostly one handed (but backwards with the reins in the right) with a little two handed every now and again. As the show got closer I decided to be brave and if the trail class was doable (i.e. if I could do it with just one hand) I would do that as well.

Getting ready for the fun show was incredibly difficult. Because I was going to be doing In-Hand Lucky needed to look spotless, which is a really hard thing to accomplish with only one good hand and in freezing temperatures with no hot water access. The low the night before the show was in the 20s! I knew that even a quick leg rinse was out of the question at that point so I set out to groom Lucky as best I could and to make her braids look perfect. Well, perfect braids are not so easy when you are used to working with 10 fingers but can only use 7. It took me well over an hour to do the braids and they looked icky. Not only that, but only 2 braids in, my hand started to really hurt, and by the time they were all in the pain was shooting up through my elbow. I was miserable driving home and didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before the show because of the pain.

When I woke up on show day I told myself In-Hand only. I was feeling better, but if stupid braids could make my hand hurt riding was out of the question. Lucky had thankfully left her braids alone over night so after a good hour long grooming we headed off to the show. I arrived at the show a good 45 minutes before it was supposed to start and got a nice parking spot right by the ring. I pulled out my chair and got ready to settle in for the day. I was going to try something new with Lucky. We were going to try trailer tying. Since the In-Hand classes were first and the costume class was last I knew we would be there all day. It was going to be beautiful out so I wanted to see if she could hang out with out getting loaded on and off again. When I went to go register I was talking to the show secretary about my hand and looking to see if I could do the trail class.

The course looked manageable and well…it is me…and they had the ribbons and trophies at the secretaries stand…and well…I may have had a moment and kind of sort of signed up for the In-Hand classes…and the trail classes…and the pleasure horse classes…and the equitation class…and the costume class. Okay, okay, I know. I shouldn’t have signed up for the riding classes when I wasn’t feeling 100%. But the trophies were so pretty! Plus this show does a day fee so it would have cost me just as much either way…and did I mention they had the awards at the show stand? As I walked back to the trailer I could tell that Lucky was in a good mood. She was eating her hay and looking around with interest. I unloaded her and got ready to dazzle the judge with our showmanship skills.

To Be Continued…


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