So I was totally going to write up my show this weekend when I got side tracked by my kittens playing with the laundry basket behind me. So I ended up taking a video of them instead…and of course my fingers still hurt a bit so by the time I was done doing this video typing a long post wasn’t going to happen. All well, it is my own fault. The pain is way less this morning though and I am still smiling at my 8 ribbons (not that I counted them or anything :P) which make me feel nothing but joy. Since I don’t want to start a long story enjoy my cute kittens (I can’t believe they are 6 months old already!) and hopefully back to the horse show tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Kittens!

  1. Wow!!! Thank you for turning me on to the amazing Ebene Quartet’s music! I had never heard them before! I play violin and viola, sometimes in string quartets and love to play jazz and folk fiddle. That music is so amazing, I looked it up on You Tube and now have a new favorite kind of music!!!

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