When Gen is in a bad mood…

he makes these bulls look like the toy horse ride in front of a grocery store 😛

I went to a PBR event last night and it was great fun! And I am kidding about Gen being worse than the bulls…but only because the bulls have several thousand pounds on him 😛 My finger proves my point! Good thing my pony is usually in a good mood.

If the PBR is ever in your neck of the woods I highly recommend going. The bulls looked well cared for (well, as well cared for as a bull can be), the riders were super sweet (they must have signed about 200 autographs at the end of the night), and the rodeo clowns were hysterical. I know it is not exactly horsey, but if you and your horsey friends are looking for a girls night out I highly recommend a PBR event!


4 thoughts on “When Gen is in a bad mood…

  1. Um, we freely admit to loving the Wrangler butts in chaps. What is is about a cowboy hat that makes a man at least twice as attractive? OTB that was really fun… when are we going again?!

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