Trying to Ride…

I get to try and ride aging tomorrow. This time with doctor permission. Yay! Tomorrow I get to switch over from my big, ugly metal splint to just taping my fingers together. My doctor was happy with the progress that has been made over the past two weeks so while it is going to be until mid November that I can make a fist, and January before the swelling goes away, I CAN RIDE starting tomorrow. I am so excited. I hope it goes better than it did last week! Even if I just have to be a backwards western rider (I can only use my right hand) I am so riding!


One thought on “Trying to Ride…

  1. Am glad you’re progressing nicely, your doctor is happy and you can ride … well, I guess you can ride TODAY! As well you know from Gen’s experience, soft tissue injuries take longer to heal than bone breaks, so don’t overdo this. Take your meds, soak your hand, do whatever the doctor says. You’ll be making fists in no time!!

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