Does Lucky look any different?

I just took some pictures of Lucky the other day since Gen doesn’t want his picture taken. I had thought I would see a bigger difference compared to when I started with her. She feels like a different horse. There are some differences in the pictures, which I am going to point out, but Lucky out of work and Lucky in work are clearly not all that different…

Luck in Summer 2011

Lucky in Fall 2012

So I think the biggest difference is her coat. The current photo was taken on a cloudy day…and you can still see it shinning. When it is sunny out Lucky practically glows her coat is so healthy.

Her feet look better. Even with her feet mostly covered in grass in the top photo you can see the angles are wrong. She has great feet so even though she is 5 weeks out from a trim on the bottom photo they still look decent.

her hunter bump is gone. I know that hunter bump is supposedly conformational, but as you can see Lucky doesn’t have one anymore. It is a shame I don’t have a true side photo because it was really bad. I am very happy she has a nice round rump now.

Speaking of her butt…It is way bigger these days and has more muscles. You can see the definition a little, even though it is shadowy in the picture. You can also see that proportionally it has grown.

I think the biggest difference is her neck. In the top picture you can see all of her muscles and it is still thin. On the bottom photo it is much thicker and she even has some of a top line.

I wish I had a better current picture, I feel like I am making up improvements just because I want them to be true. I really think that there is a difference though and that it is for the better. Maybe two weeks out of the saddle has just fried my brain!


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