Was it worth it?

I went back last Monday determined to get a nice photo…

so was it worth it? Nope. I don’t think the photos are that good. It doesn’t even look that colorful! Or like autumn! So I basically hurt my fingers, missed out on Championships and put the rest of my show season in jeopardy for no reason. Lesson learned. No more pictures of Gen 😛


2 thoughts on “Was it worth it?

  1. You know that declaration won’t last long. You’ll be taking photos after the leaves turn. Then after the first snow. And then again at Christmas in a funny hat or with a stocking. And of course New Years. Then as the first flowers come out. Then again when…

  2. Lol Love tryingtoride’s comment! 🙂 I usually try to remember to take my camera out to the barn with me on a regular basis. That way if the horses/donkey are ‘in the mood’ I can get a quick snapshot on the fly. It NEVER works when I try to plan it. 🙂

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