Right now I should be just finishing up my first test, looking excitedly towards my second. Dreaming of a neck ribbon. Enjoying myself.

I know that everyone is saying there are more Championship shows in my future, but how do you know? I am going throw a pitty party for myself right now 😦


2 thoughts on “Bummed

  1. I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason. The reason isn’t always clear, but there IS a reason. Have the pity party and get it out of your system–and let your injuries heal. THEN set your sights on the first show of the new season (I think I remember something about October??) and start fresh.

    I had plans to ride and show this year, too, but my 2012 started with impaction colic–horse was eating well, drinking well (I thought) but January 4, he was down in the paddock. Vet visit, nealry $500. Bottom line, all well, moving on.

    We were scheduled to meet a saddle fitter at a training stable January 6, but vet said no. He did okay a lesson I had scheduled on January 8. The lesson went well, and so did the horse.

    Twelve days later, horse was very lame. Another vet visit with lameness exam (including nerve block). Full x-rays showed a navicular bone that resembled swiss cheese. Vet said he had never seen a navicular in that condition in a horse still upright and walking around.

    Two Tildren treatments, two navicular joint injections and seven-plus months later, we’re back to riding again. Horse sound except on hard ground, 4meter circles around vet–but who rides THAT way? And he’s just a tiny bit off.

    However, so much for “showing” this year for me.

    Had the horse not colicked, necessitating a cancellation of the saddle fitting, my “horse fund” would have been depleted and I’d be in debt for the Tildren ($400 a shot) and all the other stuff. Bottom line on this little “journey,” about $2500–my “saddle money.”

    I’ve borrowed a saddle to use, I’m saving money again, and am planning to do the showing thing this coming year (our season starts in October, also). A little detour, but my horse is getting well and I am building my stamina, too.

    “Today is the first day” and all that. You’ll survive and be better for it–or at least more careful when Gen decides to misbehave when you’re on the other end of the lead. Next time you’ll just let go of the rope and let him do his thing, saving your hands for more important thing.

    Life deals us some unhappy moments, but you are lucky in many respects. No surgery, a horse to ride, and another show season around the corner. ;o)

  2. It’s not the end of the world even if it feels like it today. Have your favorite snack and watch a funny movie. Things will heal and life will move on and you’ll be there to add more ribbons to your collection.

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