Should I show?

So I know that normal people wouldn’t even ponder this, but this is me! And it is Championships!

When I first heard the news that I couldn’t do more damage I was thrilled. I was so excited about going to the show. About an hour later though the reality set in. Could I do it?

Lucky has been worked this week. She got ridden by my trainer Sunday, Monday off, ridden by my friend Boomerang on Tuesday and my trainer again on Wednesday. She will get her toes done on Thursday and then I was going to try and ride on Friday. Try being the operative word. Not being able to close my hand is going to be hard. Right now all I can do is hold the reins with my pointer finger and thumb. Not exactly a classic position. It will be almost like I am waiving at the judge as I ride if my hand is not steady. Not ideal. Plus I have no idea if I can wear a glove. I am going to guess no. The doctors made it very clear I have to keep my finger splinted.

So issue number one is that I don’t know if I can ride. Issue number two is getting there. I have been driving my car with one hand no problem. I am not sure if I can back up my trailer one handed though. Forward and turning is no issue, but backing up…that could be tough. I have never been to this show grounds before so I don’t know what the set up is like. A tricky turn or backing up might be a problem. I thought about hiring someone to drive me, but with it being such short notice I am sure it would cost me a fortune…which I cannot afford to spent right now.

Issue number 3 I think I have taken care of. I was worried about braiding! How can you braid with one hand? I don’t think you can! One of my good friends offered to come in from out of town to help me! She said that she would braid and be my groom for the day so all I would need to worry about was driving and riding. Not that I am sure if I can do either of those, but it is nice to have help.

And of course issue number 4 would have been an issue no matter what. They are predicating a major rain storm Friday. Like and inch and a half of rain in 24 hours. Rain plus a 2 wheel drive truck plus grass does not equal anything good. Again, I have never been to this place, so I don’t know what parking is like but it could be an issue.

No matter what I am giving myself lots of outs. If I try riding on Friday and can’t, no show. If I hook up the trailer Friday and have problems, no show. I might be crazy, but I am not stupid!

So while I was super excited when I first found out, I am feeling less excited at the moment. The good news is that I have a show horse that I trust enough to even consider this. I would not have shown Gen without two good hands. I just want to have fun…so can I have fun with so many potential issues weighing me down?


8 thoughts on “Should I show?

  1. My advice is no 😦 It sucks, but years ago, I did tendon damage to my elbow. The doctor said let it heal. I said oh, whatever – I’m still riding. Now, on some bad days, I can barely pick up a gallon of milk with that arm. And I’m only 33!!!

  2. Okay.. Try this idea on.. IF something bad were to happen – spook, she trips, stumbles, ANYTHING… Can you “ride it out” with one hand? If you were to fall on that hand, or get it twisted up in the reins, are you prepared to hang on?

  3. This is a tough one. If it were me-I wouldn’t risk it for a whole bunch of reasons. How will you handle any unexpected issues that can crop up? It seems like Lucky will behave well-but she IS a horse! 🙂 That said- only you can decide what’s best for you. I wish you well.

  4. I would say that if you feel confident after riding on Friday and you feel confident about trailering, you should go for it. But if you feel out of control or if the pain is too much, then let yourself take the out … Still, I say that if you’re capable and you can handle the pain for a day, do it! 🙂 (Then again, I am a crazy eventer …)

  5. I finally figured out that the little blue “thing” on the right is an expander button–couldn’t leave a comment without the expander ;o)

    Anyway, my advice would be to follow the doctors’ advice and pack it in for this year. Yes, you qualified for the championships, yes, you have friends who will braid, groom, drive, etc. HOWEVER, you have injured yourself and whilel doctors have said you don’t need surgery, you are only two weeks into the healing process and the hand is tender enough that the least little thing could undo the “fix” from the doctor appointments and you might tear something to the point it cannot be fixed or you’ll never be 100 percent.

    I’m always one to err on the side of caution. Go to the championships, watch the classes, take mental notes of what things work and what things don’t, learn from the champions and start fresh (and pain free) next year.

  6. Besides the possible danger to me, the thing that would keep me from riding is that there is no way that I could possibly show at my best. You have been working so hard at improving your skills and being the best rider possible. I don’t see how you can do that if one of your major aids is not available to you. It doesn’t make sense to me… but that’s me. I support and respect whatever you decide to do because I can see how important it is to you.

  7. Good news indeed that you have a horse you feel you can trust! Good luck whatever you decide. I know my comment is sitting on the fence, but it’s up to you!

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