I don’t need surgery :)

Thank goodness! After three separate visits to various doctors and specialists today and lots of hours of stress I got the good news. Of course I forgot to ask for the official diagnosis, but one of my tendons or something was moved by Gen which was causing the pain, swelling, and lack of mobility. They popped it back in place and while that was excruciating, I was promised that since that could happen nothing was torn. Yay! So I don’t need surgery 🙂

I was told it is going to be 6-8 weeks for a full recovery. Only 2 weeks though until I am feeling 50% better.

They don’t know when I am going to be able to bend my middle finger or my ring finger again, but they do think I am going to make a full recovery.

So what about riding and my show?!?! Well, the doctors all said no. When I asked what would happen if I did it anyway, they all agreed that I can’t do any more damage to my fingers. So it is up to me. It can’t get worse, so can I tough it out…



9 thoughts on “I don’t need surgery :)

  1. There will always be more shows… I know when I broke my toes and tore the ligaments, I couldn’t keep my foot in the stirrup. Everytime I picked up the trot, I lost the iron. So, think about how effective you can be with your hands — steady, giving, sensitive — and not just about toughing it out. …speaking from experience… toughing it out aint so great. Annette @ http://aspenmeadows.blogspot.com/

  2. Glad you don’t need surgery. That’s good news. I might not go to the show because you don’t know how or if you’ll be able to handle the reins properly. If you can’t then you could get hurt even more. Think about it.

  3. If you can hold the reins – go for it! Just be careful not to do more damage. Ride the minimum you have to – get on, school, show, get off. Maybe if you don’t have a good grip of the reins, Lucky will think you’re relaxed and she’ll be relaxed too. Of course, do a practice ride on Friday – if you really can’t do it, then don’t push yourself. Also see about loading. There will be more shows and more with Lucky. There will. Trust me. You have time. No one will fault you either way you go, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it either way. Sh-t happens. Worse sh-t happens too.

  4. I’m glad you don’t need surgery. Don’t try to take on too much too soon. In an effort to compensate for your hand, you may move awkwardly and wreck something else worse- trust me – it happens! If you do go to the show, make sure you have lots of ground help.

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