I am still hurting. I got an appointment with the orthopedist first thing Wednesday morning. Ouch. At least my kittens are good even when my Gen is not!


6 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Fingers crossed that you HAVEN’T torn all the tendons and ligaments in your hand 😦 That’s no way to end a stellar show season… though I guess even if that is the case, you had a GREAT show to end on! Silver linings & all…

    On a side note, your kitten is adorable & looks strangely like someone took my two childhood cats and put them together… anyway, absolutely adorable.

  2. So sorry to hear this…owwwie. As someone who deals with a multitude of broken bones with these kids, the old adage of “if you can move it, it’s not broken” is NOT true. Every time my kids have broken something they’ve been able to move and barely cried if they even cried at all. My son continued to race with a broken collar bone. Good luck tomorrow.

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