It is a good thing I love my horse…

Or I would kill him. I am kidding of course…sort of…
Well, the good news is that it isn’t broken. The bad news is that the urgent care doctor thinks what happened instead was I tore all of the tendons and ligaments. Which will require surgery. As of this moment I am not cleared to ride. The Orthopedic Surgeon can change that. Or I could have surgery and miss the rest of the show season. I am obviously going to try and get an appointment ASAP. Well, I kind of have to because apparently I need to be seen by the surgeon within 48 hours according to the other doctor. He is pretty worried.  I just want to finish my 2012 show season!

I am trying not to read too much in to having another freak accident right before a show, but why does stuff like this happen to me!?!?!

6 thoughts on “It is a good thing I love my horse…

  1. You’ve only got two hands, and they aren’t easily replaceable…
    I’d focus on the injury and healing up. If you have an accidental incident on Lucky (even if it’s just a freak accident), you could end up doing permanent damage to your hand. 😦

  2. Go see the dr asap. I had a similar injury years ago and just let it go. By the time I saw a dr they couldn’t repair it all. As a result the three main fingers on my right hand do not work properly. The tendons between the middle joint and top joint do not bend. I can’t make a fist…it has been a trial with my riding over the years because I can never grip the reins well with that hand. As I’ve gotten older…ahem…middle-aged…it has gotten worse. My fingers are so stiff in the mornings and they often ache. I’m not saying this will happen to you…but don’t shrug it off like I did. I just figured I would ‘tough it out’. Wrong choice for me. 😦

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