I only have 8 days until Championships…

How crazy is that!?!? I LOVE this GMO because they do custom ribbons for their championship show. I went with Heart back in 2003 (I can’t believe how long ago that was!) and on the ribbon it says the class and everything. It is pretty cool. They also do neck ribbons for 1st and 2ndplace. NECK RIBBONS!

I have been obsessively checking their website for the times to be posted. I am dying to know how many people are in my class! I know they pin up to 10th and I really feel like Lucky and I can be in that top 10. They had a record number of people qualify this year, but Championships are at the far north of the GMO’s area so I doubt everyone will be willing to come up for the show. In fact, I am counting on it!

The woman who always beats Lucky and I said that she is going to Championships as well. I really like her and if I have to come in second, I don’t mind doing it with her because she and her horse really are very nice. Hopefully though, Lucky and I will pull off an upset. I am feeling pretty confident about doing well at the show at the moment. Lucky and I might not be a 70% pair, but we have consistently been getting in the upper 60%s as of late. Lots of people have been getting in the 70%s, but we are in the Starter Horse division and if there is one thing I know it is that as long as I am fine at the show, Lucky will follow suit and not act stupid. She totally feeds in to my moods, good or bad, so if I can keep my confidence up we will be fine.

I did take some time off from the barn last week, but this week Lucky and I have been going strong. I almost every day this week and have a lesson on Sunday. The thing I love about a championship show is that it is the best pair on the day. People can be rocking it all season and have a bad day, or on the other side they can have their best ride of the year that day. I know that the GMO Championships are not that big of a deal, but I am looking forward to them non-the-less.


One thought on “I only have 8 days until Championships…

  1. Good luck! You wil do great! They might not be a big deal for some, but I understand that they ARE a big deal for amateurs like us! 😀

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