TND Championships – The Results

The judge said “I gave your second centerline a 9. That was the best centerline I have seen all night at any level”. HOW COOL IS THAT!! Lucky and I got a 9!!! I almost fell off out of shock! This judge is a tough judge and she gave me a 9! She complimented my gelding for being such a good egg and asked if he had tripped or what happened with the canter. I never know what to do in those situations. I pointed out that she spooked, but that she was obviously a safe horse if that was her spook. Lucky made a face at the judge for calling her a boy which Dom caught on film. The judge then set about pointing out how bad my position is. Looking at the pictures she was so right. Yikes it has gotten bad! I need to work on that!

I was still on cloud 9 as I exited the ring and was joined by NowTHATSaTrot, Dom and My Trainer who were all also smiling. Lucky was the best she has ever been at a show. I could not ask for anything else from her. Any issues we had were mine, and isn’t that really all any of us could ask for? Even better, Dom showed me a picture on her camera. Lucky and I looked PERFECT! I nearly cried right then because we FINALLY got a nice picture! Goal for the night achieved!

Knowing we had done so well I thought about leaving her braids in for a glamour shot, but since it was a work night and I had a feeling my tests would not be ready for a while I decided to take her braids out and chill out at the show. Dom brought CP over and Lucky was less than impressed. We were all cracking up at the two of them because CP just wanted to be loved and Lucky was clearly not having any of it. Once her braids were out we went to check and see if my scores were in. We were having such a good time that even the show secretary commented on how good a time we were having. I pointed out that showing is supposed to be FUN so we were just enjoying ourselves. She checked on my tests and they were not done yet. She told me to come back in an hour.

I said goodbye to Dom and NowTHATSaTrot and brought Lucky home to take care of her. I told her owner what a rock star she was and made sure to give her plenty of attention and love before settling her in for the night. Not to anthropomorphize, but I swear she had the most smug look on her face as she went out to her pasture mate like she knew how great she had done. When I went back to get my scores I tried not to get my hopes up. The judge was tough and you just never know.

I walked in to the secretaries stand and was given my tests first. I got a 63.125% on Test A and a 67.8125% on Test B!!! The show secretary came back to the window with a first place ribbon and a second place ribbon plus A CHAMPION RIBBON! Yay!!! Lucky and I won!!! I honestly never expected that. I was kind of wishing and hoping for a reserve, but I really never considered that we could win. Our second test was mostly 7s, with a 5 for the spook and a few 6.5s in the coefficients (including rider position). The comments at the bottom of both the tests were about my riding and were very complementary of Lucky. To see the 9 in writing was amazing. I almost want to frame it! Overall it was an amazing show. How often can you say that your horse peaks at just the right moment? Our next dressage show is at the end of the month and it is Championships for one of my GMOs. I am feeling very confident about it at the moment!

A HUGE thank you to Dom for taking the best picture of Lucky and I ever! I cannot wait to get this in an 8×10 and put it up at home. Dom Rocks!


10 thoughts on “TND Championships – The Results

  1. We are very, very happy for you!!! Better yet, we are happy because we actually know what those scores mean now. Great pictures too!

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