The TND Championships – Part 2

Isn’t Dom the Best!

I knew as soon as I opened the trailer up that we were going to have a good show. In the past, I have found showing at the Local Show Grounds is harder for Lucky because she is unsettled getting off the trailer. When we drive for an hour she gets off the trailer like a rock star, but the 2 minute drives have not been her thing. Lucky for me, she seemed to figure it out on Thursday because when I opened the side door I found my sweet girl eating her hay and chilling out! How great is that! I put her bridle on and unloaded her and was already on cloud nine!

Lucky was perfect. She was cool, calm, collected and focused on me. I went over to see Dom and NowTHATSaTrot and even after just stepping off the trailer we already got a good picture. How cool is that?!? I was now grinning ear to ear. I walked over to the warm up just as my trainer arrived and got right to work on getting ready for my tests. There was a very cute grey TB having trouble so we decided to go to the other side of the ring and make our own little bubble to warm up in.

During the warm up I hear this banging sound coming from the field behind the ring where my test would be. I looked up, and as luck would have it they were BAILING HAY right next to the show ring. Great. I knew that if Lucky was listening to me she would ignore the ruckus so I set to work with my trainer to get Lucky supple and attentive. I did a lot of work at the walk. Out of my 30 minute warm up most of it was at the walk. My trainer made me over do things in the warm up, knowing that, for example, if you can get 20 degrees of a bending curve on a turn in the warm up you should be able to get 10 degrees in the show ring.

It was hard work and before I knew it they were calling me up to the top ring. My awesome entourage was right behind me and Lucky did not put a toe out of line as we walked near where the hay was being bailed so I took a deep breath and went in to the ring. Of course, riding the long lines around the outside of the ring was not so good, but I did my best to keep her focused before we went in the ring.

When the judge rang the bell I took my time making sure I had the horse I wanted to before going in to the ring. Lucky was so relaxed and in tune with me that I had a floppy eared horse during the test. 🙂 Lucky was perfect. When she started to do something I didn’t like, all I needed to do was a simple correction and she would listen. She was soft, pliable and agreeable throughout the whole test. Knowing how responsive she was being I felt comfortable enough to make the corrections and so as we came up the center line for the second time I was grinning ear to ear.

It didn’t take long for my bubble to be burst…

To Be Continued…


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