2012 TND Championships – Part 1

Lucky and I arriving at the show.

So we all know that I love to horse show. When I want to go to a show there is a not a whole lot that can stand in my way. When I found out that I qualified for the Thursday Night Dressage Championships at the Local Show Grounds. I knew I had to go! Since I am a working woman I made sure to write a note on my entry that there was no way that I could have a ride time before 6:00. All week before the show I was stressed about it, and sure enough, when I got my times I was supposed to ride at 5:30 and 6:04.

Not one to give up, I figured out how I could save a half an hour in the afternoon…all I needed to do was hook my trailer up the night before. That would mean driving my trailer to work, but hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do! Knowing my work week was going to be crazy I got the truck and packed it with all my stuff on Monday, only to get an e-mail on Tuesday from the show secretary saying my time wasn’t really until 5:50. I decided to hook the trailer up the day before anyway and give myself the full half hour warm-up and one less thing to think about on show day. I did get out of work at a reasonable hour on Wednesday so by the time I went to bed my trailer was hooked up, my Lucky was braided and I was feeling totally confident about the show.

That confidence was shattered by the time I work up on Thursday morning. I don’t know when the last time I got nervous for a show was, but I was really feeling anxious when I woke up on Thursday. By the time I slipped in to the ladies room at work to change in to my show clothes I had a full blown case of show nerves. I was getting annoyed with myself for getting nervous. Sure, it was a Championship show, but really it was no different than any other Thursday night show except that we would get ribbons. And I am not even crazy about the ribbons at the Local Show Grounds so there really was NO REASON to be nervous. I used my long drive up to the barn to get my game face on.

Lucky has turned in to a great show horse this year, but that doesn’t make her a seasoned competitor. She is still green so I knew that if I was a ball of nerves at the barn, she would be a ball of nerves too. I was much better by the time I got to the barn, but still on edge. With no time to spare I set about fixing all of the braids that Lucky tried to rub out and while I was doing that I got a call from the amazing Dom. She was showing CP at Championships. Read her full account of her ride (and see Lucky and I) at the link above. She said that she would hang around so she could hang out with Lucky and I at the show. Even better…she had her camera with her! She offered to take pictures of Lucky and I. After hanging up I took a deep breath.

My trainer was coming to warm me up, Dom was going to take pictures and she was holding NowTHATSaTrot hostage so I would have my very own show entourage. How could I be nervous with such great support? Plus, all I have wanted since I started riding Lucky in May of 2011 was a single nice picture of us. Lucky and I constantly make weird faces, but we never seem to do it at the same time, nor can we take a good picture. I suddenly changed my goal for the evening to just get once nice picture. I know that if I ride well and Lucky is in a good place we have nice moments and for the first time in a year and a half I would get photographic proof of that. As soon as I had my new goal the nerves melted away. I got calm and focused and Lucky followed suit. We had our game faces on and we were ready to show. Lucky was so excited that she literally trotted on to the trailer so fast and from so far away I had to drop her lead to not get in her way. I closed up the trailer and smiled because I was about to go to a horse show and have some fun…

To Be Continued…


4 thoughts on “2012 TND Championships – Part 1

  1. So glad our ride times worked out so I could get pictures. Feel free to use any/all of them as you please 🙂 I love that I know how this one ends.

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