I have officially lost my mind

No. Really. I have. I am officially points chasing these days.

I always thought those Hunter/Jumper people were crazy. I know some that would go to a show on Saturday and then go to another show on Sunday trying to get points. I am not that bad. Not yet anyway.

So the shows that are an hour away are recognized by 3 different GMO’s, two of which I am a member of. The shows happen the first Saturday of the month from May through October. I have been to three of them so far. I had only really planned on going to three at the start of the year. Now though, I am planning to go to the rest of them!

Why? Because I have lost my mind. I think I need an intervention.

I went to this show ground because they were recognized by both my GMO’s and…well you already know I am shallow…they also do their own set of year end awards. You just need to do three shows to be eligible. Unlike normal dressage awards which go off of your median score, this show ground has awards based on points, like hunters do. So if you get first place you earn 7 points, second place gets you 5, etc.

So I have gotten my butt kicked at this show pretty much every time by the same person. They keep the points going online and the person who always beats me has been to every show and she now has like 43 points. She did go to the May show that I did not attend, and she has beaten me every time so she is a lock for first place. She is really cool, and she and her horse are honestly better than Lucky and I so I don’t mind loosing to her.

After three shows Lucky and I are in second place at the moment. Yay! We have 27 points. So here is where the crazy comes in. There are 8 people who have done two shows at our division. You need to do three shows in order to qualify for year ends. That means that none of them might do a third show and it will only be this other woman and I. Or all 8 of them could do one of the next two shows and only 6 of the 10 of us will place. Considering the person right below me has 23 points, I, the crazy ribbon whore, am doing the September show next Saturday.

I am going to have a very stressful week at work and am doing the Thursday Night Championships. I have plenty on my plate. And yet, I am going to a horse show on Saturday because I might (emphasis on might) be able to pull off a second place finish. I also might be adding a lot of stress to my life and spending $110 on entries FOR NO REASON.

Why must I love ribbons so much!

I did promise myself that if point wise it looks like I will not be able to come in second after this next show I wont go to the October show. Lucky and I have a busy fall planned and not showing first weekend in October would be good for us. If there is a chance though that I could get a tri-colored…well…I can’t help it. I might be almost 30, but I have the maturity level of an 8 year old when it comes to ribbons. They are just so gosh darn pretty! I think I need a ribbon intervention…


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