The Other Championships

So apparently I haven’t mentioned my other Championship show on the blog. I have been so busy worrying about getting down to the bigger Championships that I guess I just haven’t really thought about this one too much. It is the Thursday Night Dressage (TND) Championships. Because I did those Thursday night shows at the start of the season I qualified for the Championship Show. I think it is really nice of them to do championships because the traditional TND shows are not placed. That means no ribbons! For a ribbon junkie like me it is a real bummer.

So I think one of the reasons that I have not written about the show until now (it is next week) is because I am not sure if I am going to be able to attend. I really want to, but I have to work. I could never justify taking off of work for a horse show so I have to hope that they put my division at a time that is late enough for Lucky and I to get there! I asked for an after 6 time, but if I hustle and drive my trailer to work I could probably do a 5:30 or later time. Fingers crossed that I get a time I can do.

Lucky and I have been working hard. Even though Dom and CP are going to kick our butts, I still feel confident that Lucky and I will do well. I think that with the way she is going we could get a nice score in the upper 60%s, which will also help our chance at a year end for the Local Show Ground. We have been working on being much more consistent, which I think the judges will appreciate.

I also have a show the Saturday after that so on a totally different note I wanted to ask for your thoughts. I think I know what I am going to do, but it doesn’t hurt to hear what other people have to day.

I want to braid Lucky for Championships. Since time is already going to be an issue I will have to braid her on Wednesday. I could do yarn braids which would last through Saturday. That would mean Lucky would have her mane braided from Wednesday night through Saturday lunch time. I think that is too long. She is not a roller, nor does she rub out her braids, but I just feel like that would be itchy! I am bringing it up though because next week is going to be CRAZY for me. While showing on Thursday and Saturday I am also going to have to figure out a way to work 65 hours. It will all get done (I am officially not doing ANYTHING next Sunday) so if I have to pull the braids and re-braid the next that that is what I have to do, but I am wondering if other people have had the same situation and that they have done.

One thought on “The Other Championships

  1. If you get an earlier ride time than me, we can talk to J and see if she wants to swap us. I’m pretty flexible and I want to see you and Lucky there (although I’ll be in trouble if you score upper 60’s… this will be the first time CP shows at the canter).

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