Haspy Go Lucky

That Ladies and Gentleman is Lucky’s real name! Her owner gave me a real treat a few months ago by finding Lucky’s papers. I am kicking myself though because how adorable would the show name of “Happy Go Lucky” been? Since I have already started showing her and it is bad luck to change her name so Lucky Lady it is. I think Happy Go Lucky is such a better name for her though. Her mothers name was Haspy, hence the Haspy and not Happy on her official name.

Other cool thing I learned? She is out of the Bold Ruler line. For those of you who aren’t Thoroughbred people that is Secretariat’s Father. That is extra cool because Gen is out of the War Admiral line. If Gen could talk he would say that having a triple crown in his family it just another reason he is better than Lucky 😛

I also got official age conformation. My green bean Lucky really is 21 years old! Too bad they don’t give awards for the oldest green horse around 😛

The cool thing is that now I can look for her babies. A registered name is a great place to start.

I am bummed about not being able to use Happy Go Lucky, but really she is a very Lucky Lady so how can I not love her current name?


8 thoughts on “Haspy Go Lucky

  1. That’s awesome! I have a little Appaloosa pony of unknown breeding, and I would love to know where he came from… Even his name before us would be good! Sometimes I wish I could just get in his head and see where he’s been… This is so cool!

  2. Both names are great!
    I know what Yndi’s pedigree is, her registered name(Skansens Yndi) and that she was foaled in Sweden, but I wish I knew how many foals she has had. Gotland Pony Preservation Society does not have computerized records. It’s all paper! Can you believe it? (Like GPPS on facebook!)

  3. I like both names, go with what feels right.

    And all I can add about names is, I recently found out my horses’ original name and I also found out about his checkered past. I’d already named Joey without knowing this and I feel that his old name must never be associated with him anymore. That name brought him awful luck. He’s not “that horse” to me, he’s “Journey’s End” (Joey).

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