2012 Goals – How am I doing?

On a happier note I decided to do a different kind of looking back. Slowly and steadily I have been working towards all of my goals this summer. For the first time ever I actually think that I can complete all of my goals before the end of the year. The goal I am most worried about? Number 4, teaching Gen to be lead without a halter. My moody pony is so hit or miss with it! If he is having a good day and wants attention he is already there. When he is not feeling it…not to so much. I haven’t really thought about my goals too much so it was a nice surprise this morning when I went to go and look at how far I have come!


I have had my best show year so far ever. Not score wise. Not even close on that front. Gen and I won our division year ends, Lucky and I will be middle of the pack if even that high. I mean successful in the fact that of how far we have come. We went from mid 50s to mid 60s for our scores. We are also consistent at this point. I know what to expect from her at a show and I know that as long as we keep doing what we are doing we will break a 60% every time. I also have a totally new attitude about showing.


The fact that I could see I was getting burned out and decided to drop some shows is amazing! After Gen got hurt I got the attitude of “this will all end so you better get what you want in before that happens”. The fact that I am actually looking forward to the fall with Lucky is amazing! Plus you should see us at the shows now. Sure, I would rather have a whole cheering section with me at a show, but I can 100% do it all on my own. There is no doubt that I am self sufficient at a show at this point. I still would love a show buddy so I could have a friend at the shows and maybe get some pictures or something, but the fact that I don’t need anyone is something I have been dreaming about being able to do since I got Gen!!


With about three months left of the show season I know that no matter what happens I am happy with this year. I have never shown this much (nor do I ever want to show this much again) but I have also never felt so good about doing it. I love to show and it will always be special to me. Being able to set goals in the spring and actually complete them throughout the year is really an amazing thing. I feel so lucky that I have Lucky in my life!


1) Go to a show by myself

-Goal Completed April 21st

2) Show in something else besides dressage.

– Goal Completed June 23rd. Competed In Hand and Trail

3) Ride in a hunter pace

4) Train Gen to be led without a halter

5) Teach Lucky to self-load on to a trailer

– Completed in April with the help of Dom

6) Do 10 things this summer.

1) Dressage Schooling Show April 21st

2) Dressage Schooling Show May 12th

3) Thursday Night Dressage May 24th

4) Dressage Schooling Show June 2nd

5) Thursday Night Dressage June 7th

6) Fun Show June 23rd

7) Dressage Schooling Show July 7th

8) Dressage Schooling Show August 4th



7) Go to 5 different show grounds.

1) DC

2) Local Show Grounds

3) Fun Show Grounds

4) TM Show Grounds


8) Qualify for year end awards from…
a)Local Show Grounds – Completed May 24th
b)Fun Show –


c) TM Show Grounds – Completed August 4th

d) Dressage GMO – Completed August 4th

10) Do an open training level class.


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