Solution for Championships!

So you know how I was worried about driving to one of my GMO championships? Well, I ended up telling my friends about it and they came up with some great solutions.

Solution number 1 was from my friend whose Quarter Horse I rode this spring. Her place is literally 40 minutes from the show grounds where championships are being held. She had a great idea. I could trailer down Friday afternoon with Lucky to her place, have a lesson and Lucky and I could camp out for the night. How fun would that be! I would crash at her place with her and her amazing family and Lucky would get a stall for the night. Plus they have hot water so I could guarantee that Lucky would get a bath before Championships. I was stoked when she offered me that solution. It was prefect.

My job on the other hand didn’t agree with that. I had put in for a half day that Friday and didn’t get it. I thought about doing it anyway, but the earliest I could get down to her place after work would be 7:30 pm …and then I would still have to ride, bathe, braid, eat dinner, etc which would make it a very late night. Not the best solution since I have a feeling it is going to be a very early morning. So okay, that solution was out.

Another solution was to have a friend drive me. Since I have such control issues already, I don’t think putting someone else behind the wheel of my truck would help the situation. In fact, I think I would get more upset if someone else was driving my rig. I am, obviously, a very cautious trailer driver. I think that the horses I drive really appreciate that. I take turns slowly, ease to a stop, etc. If someone wasn’t driving the way I like I think I would have a conniption! So that solution went right out the door.

The most likely solution came from a friend out of state. Why not just have someone around to hold my hand if needed on the road. I thought about it, and since the “camp out” wasn’t going to work, it seemed like a great idea. I asked around, and my friend Boomerang said that she would come with me if I need her.

So that means that I am going to sign up for the GMO championships. Yay!

Even better is the fact that after I decided this I went to look up the directions just to see how bad it might be and guess what? I am only on the highway for 15 miles! Not only that, but it is literally the SAME 15 miles I have been doing all summer! The directions have me going to the same exit as the show grounds that I have been attending at the start of each month so I already know the first 50 minutes of my drive like the back of my hand! I don’t think I am going to even need a friend. Believe it or not, I actually think that I can do this! Yay!

Boomerang said she wants to come anyway so I wont have to go to Championships alone! I am soooooo happy right now! I am going to go upstairs and fill out my entry right now!


3 thoughts on “Solution for Championships!

  1. Awesome. Speaking from the point of view of someone who’s always afraid with riding (not your problem), let me tell you how I get through things. First, I admit that I’m afraid. You can’t help but feel the way you feel. Second, I ask myself why I’m afraid. If the answer is that there really is a reason, then I back off. For example, I’m afraid to jump PJ. I believe there’s a real chance that he’ll do something stupid and that I could not only hurt myself but ruin his training, That’s a valid reason not to try jumping him. However, if there are no valid reasons (and I’m talking valid, not crazy), then I push on. For example, on one of our trail rides PJ was a little up. I was afraid of all of the things that could happen but the truth was that the odds of him doing any of the crazy things I imagined were very small. I kept going.

    I think driving the trailer is just scary to you. You’re a good driver. You know your rig. You have experience. Yes, all of the things you’re afraid of can potentially happen in some crazy universe but the odds are very small. You’ll be fine.

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