My Crazy Self and the GMO Championship Show…

So after my experience with a tire blow out last year I have turned in to a total baby about driving the trailer on the highway. At every bump or wind gust I am convinced that I am about to loose control of my trailer. When I had the Young Rider with me I was able to push myself to go the speed limit, but without her I find that my default is about 60. I feel fine at 60. If I think about it when I am alone I can make myself do the 65 mph speed limit, but that is me pushing myself.

So I am an anxious mess about trailering. That is nothing new.

I am stressing about it now because…I qualified for one of my GMO dressage championships. I had hoped to qualify for that show, but what I hadn’t counted on was the fact that I would actually WANT to go. I hadn’t realized that Lucky would turn out to be such a consistent show horse. She has been in the 60%s for a few months now. I know that at these championships you need to be in the 70%s to win, but that if you are in the 60%s you have a good chance of placing top 10.

So I should just go right? Except that, you guessed it, there would be driving on the highway.

In fact, it is the farthest away from home that I have ever driven…an hour and a half. I know, I know, that is not far at all. Some of you are laughing at your computer screens right now because you have driven farther than that to get to vet or go to a lesson. I admit that I am totally spoiled to be in horse country. I could literally show every weekend from May to October and never go more than an hour away for a dressage show if I wanted. If I did Hunter’s I wouldn’t even need to do more than 40 minutes to say the same thing. I mean, were I braver I could ride to the Local Show grounds…it isn’t even a mile away. So I have built myself into a little bubble of trailering comfort this year.

So now it comes down to bursting my safety bubble and going outside of my comfort zone or playing it safe and missing out on something that I want to do.

So I have been going back and fourth since I got the invite to championships. I do love my ribbons, and they custom order the ones for this championship so they will probably be nice. Plus they place through 10th so I have a chance at getting a purple ribbon (I would be totally fine with 7th!). So I am stuck with facing my fears or giving up something I want to do.

I have a few weeks before the entries are due so I have some time to think about it. Why must I be such a crazy mess!?!?!?!


6 thoughts on “My Crazy Self and the GMO Championship Show…

  1. I live in California and the speed limit for hauling a trailer of ANY kind (and with any cargo) is 55 mph. I think if I were you and a little leery of trailering ANYWAY, I’d stay to the right and drive 55. Not that you can’t get into a pot-load of trouble at ANY speed, I think 55 mph is safer. Just sayin’.

    As for the “Should I, Shouldn’t I” debate, we ALL go through this. It’s part of the Negative Self-Talk that sports psychologists warn us about. If you decide to go for it, stop all the negative talk. It won’t do you any good and will keep you from focussing on the task at hand. Lucky will “read” your thoughts, too.

    • Different GMO championships. I don’t do the ones you are going too…they only place through 6th and you know how I love my ribbons 😛

  2. Can you possibly get a ride on someone else’s trailer -you could split costs? Or take another horse & rider with you for moral support and an extra hand?
    Other wise, I’d slap some extra reflective tape and a big old “Horses Aboard” sign and go 60 (or as fast as you feel comfortable) in the right lane.

  3. I would try to find someone else to ride in the cab with you, or even drive you. Could you even trailer up the day before and stay overnight somewhere? I agree with the suggestion to see if you can get a ride in someone else’s trailer, too. Anything to take the stress off and set yourself up for success.

  4. You need to go!!! When is it? I’d be happy to hold your hand if I’m around that day.

    Also… parts fell of my borrowed truck coming up the big hill on 31 on the way home yesterday. *facedesk* THAT got my heart rate up.

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