Gennyral :)

Gen just hanging out in his field last week

Poor Gen feels at though he is being neglected on the blog. He thinks that it is crap that all I seem to be talking about these days is showing with Lucky. He wants to make sure that you all know he is WAY more important than some stupid brown horse and a few ribbons. Which is true, Gen is way more important to me. In fact, it is kind of funny that I haven’t blogged about Gen because I see my sweet boy 7 days a week where I only see Lucky 5.

Gen has had a rough summer because of the heat. Some days I go to the barn when it is 90 expecting him to be a sweaty mess and he is fine, and other days when it is 82 degrees he is dripping with sweat. I don’t know what changes. I do know he has been really good about hanging out in front of his fan. He love it. He has also been good about hanging out in the shade of a tree if it is sunny out in the morning, something I have never seen him do before.

We have been lucky and even with the high humidity and record temperatures Gen’s skin has been fine. He is fungus free at the moment and has been all summer. Even his feet seem to be doing well. His trimmer and I were pretty sure we were going to have to wrap him because he normally pounds his feet to a pulp chasing away bugs, but so far he has been doing well so he is just getting trimmed like normal.

It is so nice to be able to say that Gen is doing well when people ask. I will try and post about him more. Lord knows that if he thinks he isn’t getting enough attention he will just hurt himself to remedy the situation…and I really don’t want that to happen!!!

I had to share! Gen would totally medal!


6 thoughts on “Gennyral :)

  1. I think Jackson would be on the medal stand as well. He excels in the category of “grey horse rolling in manure” — I think he must be partial to that lovely shade of green it leaves. Annette @ AspenMeadows

  2. It’s good to hear about Gen 🙂 I do think that everyone knows he continues to be loved and spoiled and nobody thinks less of him than Lucky 🙂

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