Poor Lucky. Her life was so easy until I came in to the picture. She trained as a racehorse, but I don’t think she ever raced, had some babies and then spent most of her life just chilling. Seriously. I mean, she had it soooo easy. The reason she got put to work is because I came along…and now she has to work while Gen gets to live in the lap of luxury. I go back and fourth as to if I think she is happy about having a job.

I know she likes to see me. She is happy when I come to the barn, and can get jealous if I dare pay attention to other horses when I am around her. She has also turned in to a total show horse and loves it when people come over to admire her at shows. On the other hand, she is also very difficult to train. She just won’t let anything new be easy. Ever. I have never had a horse like that. Once she gets it she is fine, but until then…Let’s just say that she has a stubborn stream about 2 miles wide which makes me think she was happy doing nothing all day.

Anyway, let us just say that Lucky’s life has changed dramatically since May 2011. A few weeks ago my right hip started to hurt a little. Like the good horse person that I am, I chose to ignore the pain 😛 Eventually it became painful enough that even a 10 minute bareback ride caused me to be awake all night in agony, so I had to do something. I had a show coming up, and this was just not an acceptable time to be hurting. I had 8 days before my show and I knew that my hip needed rest so I came up with a game plan.

Instead of riding Lucky myself, I would get really good dressage riders to get on her for me. On the days I couldn’t get anyone I would lunge her, and she would of course have a little time off in there. I called around and got people to agree to ride my pretty girl. My friend came Sunday before last and worked through some of Lucky’s issues. My trainer got on Monday before last and really reinforced all the things we had been working on. I gave Lucky that Tuesday off and had another friend get on her on the Wednesday before last. By that point she was starting to look like a whole new horse. She wasn’t anywhere near as resistant as she was with me, and she would settle in and get to work in a few minutes after getting on. I gave her off on Thursday and got on for the first time in a week that Friday.

Lucky had three amazing people ride her and I could tell as soon as I got on that she had stepped up her game, so I had better match it! My hip was fine after a quick ride, and I got off so quickly because Lucky was perfect. It was hands down the best ride I have ever had on her. I was afraid I would ruin her before the show so I ended after two absolutely stunning canter departs. I couldn’t believe what a difference “boot camp” made to my girl. I need to get my friend on Lucky more often!

One of my friends once told me once you ride the upper levels you just elevate the way you ride. That no matter what, even when you are starting a horse and can barely walk and trot you do things a different way. It was humbling to see my girl make so much progress so quickly, but it was also amazing. I am going to see if my trainer can’t ride Lucky before every lesson from now on. And I am going to work really hard to I can someday do what those other riders did!


2 thoughts on “Bootcamp

  1. PJ was in Boot Camp for two weeks with BH. Today’s his last day and I know he can’t wait. He’s never worked so hard in his life! But I can see a real progress in him and I’m just hoping I can keep his training up.

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