How long


Do you think it has been since I cleaned this halter? 6 months? A year? Try 4 days!!! That is Lucky’s show halter! It is so yucky and wet here these days that it only took 4 days to get moldy! Yuck!


3 thoughts on “How long

  1. Eeeeeww…

    I have to say, the leather lining on my one pony harness gets moldy after a day or two. Not this bad, just a little “chalky” looking. After it gets a little sweaty from a drive, I do clean it, but it’s still damp,and then gets shoved into a duffle bag for storage and locked in my tack locker, so… presto! perfect incubator for mold. Hot, dark, and damp.

    Not sure why my cheaper leather harness doesn’t get mold. Only my good custom made harness that only has leather lining certain spots gets it….. Lol. I guess there’s something to be said for crappy leather after all. ha!

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