Why must everything fall apart at the same time?

I always find it funny that no matter how much horse stuff I have, I always need more. I can’t help but look at the horsey catalogues as I get them in the mail or stop in to one of the many tack stores by my house “just to see” what is out there. Considering I have an entire storage area in my basement filled with horse stuff, you would think that I wouldn’t need anything for a while.

Well, Gen and Lucky might have everything they need, but for some reason in the past month all of my stuff has been falling apart…

My white show breeches have been worn and loved so much this year that they are getting holes from overuse in areas that really need the coverage if you know what I am saying. I have had these breeches for years and been hard on them (I throw everything in the washer and dryer) so I wasn’t too worried about that, more bummed that I was going to have to locate $120 to buy a new pair. I could live with that…

Except that my brown clogs have now worn away in such a way that it is dangerous to wear them. When I walk, I do so on the outsides of my foot. I have had these clogs for years and used them at least a few days a week so over time the outside has created an angle, which is perfect to roll your ankle on. How do I know? Well, I can now say that I roll my ankle at least once of twice every time I wear said clogs. No big deal. I don’t need clogs…plus I have another pair so I will just wait until I have some more money before I get another pair of brown ones…

Only my other set of clogs is falling apart now as well. The sole is starting to come off. I try and ignore that fact, but every so often it catches on something and I go flying. Yup. Not so good. Especially not when you go flying into a rocky area. But I will get over it. I lived without clogs for years and years so I will wear my boots instead…

But I can’t really do that because of my three pairs of boots none of them are in great shape. My lace up ones are falling apart, my zip up ones don’t always zip and my waterproof ones have the same ware pattern which causes me to roll my ankle. I have been meaning to buy a new pair of boots for a while, but man boots are expensive.

Plus I have another big expense besides my breeches to deal with. I dropped and broke my clippers at the start of the month. I got away with not clipping for the last horse show, but I am really pushing it. Lucky is starting to resemble Abe Lincoln with her awesome beard, which is not exactly the look I was going for in the show ring.

And I have to buy a new white saddle pad. I had two which is good enough for me, but I wasn’t thinking and tossed a brand new maroon sweatshirt into the laundry with one of my white saddle pads. Yeah, it did turn pink thanks for asking. And not cute I can still get away with using this pink.

And Gen is low on Farrier’s Formula so I need to drop some money on that as well. Plus I wanted to pick up some of that electrolyte that Lucky loved so much. If I brought the show breeches, two pairs of clogs, three pairs of boots, clippers, the saddle pad and the supplements it would be mucho $$$$. I don’t mind spending a $100 here and there as stuff breaks, but why does everything have to become not usable all at the same time?!?!? I don’t have $1,500 just lying around for equipment replacement needs. Instead I think I have to do with the must haves which at this moment is just the breeches and the farriers formula. I will just have go hair by hair and use scissors to get rid of Lucky’s beard.

Has anyone else found that when one thing breaks they all do? Or is that just a me thing?


7 thoughts on “Why must everything fall apart at the same time?

  1. Like the old saying goes- When it rains it pours. Everything does seem to go at once around here too. Maybe you could borrow some clippers for Lucky’s beard. Get the new breeches and supplements. Start saving up for boots and clogs and you’ve got it all under control for the moment. Hang in there.

  2. You need sponsorship…WalMart, Penzoil, Goodyear… Do they allow you to wear racing logos all over your dressage outfits? 😉

  3. Totally understand the feeling. I use a pair of cheapie dog clippers for everything except body clipping. They seem to do the trick. You can get sets at Target/ Walmart. Depending on what kind of breeches you need you should email Farm House Tack in NC. I bought a pair of white TS for $50. Im not positive what other brands they sell but I just email or call and ask if they have XYZ in my size in the sale/clearance room. 🙂


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