The Hot Horse Show – Results

Lucky got her fancy horse trot as we went up the centerline. I could feel her shoulders lifting and a little bit of suspension going on. I was glowing with pride as we halted and the judge actually looked me in the eye and gave me an encouraging smile during my salute. I planned the upward and was pleased when it was clean and organized. I wish I could say my whole test was great, but it wasn’t. Lucky and I just don’t do straight lines. Or I should more aptly say, we don’t do them well. Our circles were great, but even our diagonal line wasn’t so good. Overall it felt like a solid test though so I was still grinning as I did my final salute. I just knew that I had finally gotten that elusive 60%.

Lucky was hot, and so was I. She power walked us back to the trailer clearly letting me know she was ready for home. I had thought ahead and waiting for us at the trailer was a small bucket of electrolytes for Lucky, another small bucket for Lucky with Gatorade, a third with just drinking water for her and a large bucket to cool her off. I also had a bottle of water for myself sitting waiting. Lucky ignored the Gatorade and water, but happily dug in to a 2 gallon bucket of electrolytes. The good news is that I finally found something to make her drink at shows. The bad news is that it is $35 for a small container of this stuff. Of course. At least she drank it! The free sample they gave me will be worth it to that company! It took me about 30 minutes to get her all taken care of and ready to go. She happily went on to the trailer and settled in to her hay while I put stuff away.

I was just about to head up to the secretaries stand when they announced the results for the second class. I kept waiting to hear Lucky’s name, but as they announced the results I was starting to think maybe I had the classes confused. I nearly fell over when they announced the winner of the class. Lucky Lady came in 1st place at Starter Horse Intro B!!!! and get this…her score? A 67.5%!!!! I got a little teary. My Lucky Lady WON! I was so proud! I practically danced down to the secretaries stand to pick up my ribbons.

Imagine my surprise when I not only get handed a beautiful blue ribbon, but a red one as well. I even got to pick a prize out of the goody box for winning a class! I was still in shock as I chose a bag of treats for Lucky. I think the best way to describe me at that point was dazed. I couldn’t believe it. I had watched other riders in my class and I really didn’t expect it. After assuring the show manager and farm owner that I would be back next month because this was now my lucky show grounds with Lucky I was walking back to the trailer when I looked down at my score from my first test. It wasn’t a was a 67.8! I got two 67s! I got 8s! 8s!! I even got a smiley face over the word confidence on my first test because we had such a solid ride. Score! The even better part? Not a single 5. Yay! And we got a comment of “A pair that works well together”. I have been wanting a comment like that all season! I was thrilled, but still a little shell shocked as we headed home.

It was blazing hot by the time Lucky got back to the barn at 9:30 am. I gave my pretty girl a nice long, cool shower to get her core temp down a little. After a nice towel dry and a good neck pull (it snapped right back, no signs of dehydration) I put her back out with her buddy to enjoy the second half of her breakfast and hopefully find a way to stay cool on the hot day.

So all in all I am really proud of Lucky and I. Even if we hadn’t gotten such nice scores or a blue, I will would have been happy with the day. I have proven to myself that I can show alone with Lucky. There is no doubt in my mind that we can do it all by ourselves, which is a great feeling! I did end up getting sick from the heat later that night though. I never got around to eating any of that salty food or drinking any of that Gatorade. It is my own fault for waking up at 3am and not eating anything until I got home again after noon. Lucky was fine though so now I need to work on taking care of myself at a show as well as I take care of Lucky 😛 Thankfully I had plenty of water to drink so I didn’t get that bad. And can I just say it was totally worth it? 67%s!!



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