The Hot Horse Show – Part 1

This horse show almost didn’t happen. Well, the show itself would have happened, but I didn’t think I was going. When I saw in the 10 day forecast it was going to be in the 90s on Saturday I told myself that if my ride was after 10am I would not go. As the show got closer the projected forecast went from 90s to 100s. I told myself that if my ride time was after 9 I wouldn’t go. This is not championships. It is a schooling show. No need to kill myself. Since the show normally starts at 8:30 I figured my chances of getting a time between 8:30 and 9:00 were slim, so I had already started to plan what I would do Saturday instead. I had visions of going to Target, the movies and the pool when the ride times came out.

I was scheduled to ride before 9:00. Way before 9:00. In fact, my first ride was scheduled for 7:24 in the morning. I got really excited. I had wanted to go to this show very badly because I wanted to qualify for the ECR championship show. Lucky had been great at the last Thursday night so I was hoping I would break a 60% at this show. With ride times so early, I was in the clear. I did a happy dance and started looking forward to the weekend. I did check with Lucky’s Owner, My Trainer, and The Young Rider, all who know me and Lucky to make sure they thought we would be okay, and they all told me to stop worrying (as if) and go to the show (heck yeah!).

The whole week had been hot so after Lucky got her toes trimmed on Friday after work (Gen’s trimmer is the best…you should see Lucky’s feet now!!) I decided against riding and instead just went about bathing and braiding my girl. Just doing her braids was enough to get me to sweat so I knew I would not be putting the Sleezy on. I put extra rubber bands on and told Lucky very clearly she was not allowed to rub her braids out. I turned her back out and went to go see Gen and hook up my trailer. I would save 30 minutes in the morning if I hooked it up the night before, not to mention the fact that I would have light at night!

I live in a Townhome complex so I parked my rig at a school near my place and walked home. I should have taken a picture of my truck and trailer in an empty lot in front of a HUGE school. It was an interesting look 😛 All too soon it was 3:15 the next morning. I got up and tried to put my make-up on (tried being the operative word) and got dressed. I was so not hungry for breakfast so after packing up the cooler I opened the door to walk back to the truck. Even at 3:45 am the heat was obsessive. I live in between two cities and with the heat and humidity the air quality was clearly not so good.

I literally didn’t pass a single car or see any signs of life the entire drive up to the barn. It made me smiling thinking of the days when I used to wake up early on weekends to work at a barn. When I got to Lucky’s I called for my girl and turned on the outside lights. Lucky was just at the edge of the light, but she looked up sleepy to see me. What I saw was a very, very dirty horse. I don’t even know where she found mud, but she did. Luckily my braids were still in. I called her over, gave her half her breakfast soaked through so I could get some water in her and set to work giving her another bath.


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