The June 23rd Fun Show – Part 3

Even more horses came in to the ring for halter. I love my Lucky, but she absolutely has some conformational flaws. I knew that in a class this size I would not be placing. I did my best to show her off as best as I could, but I was not surprised to be out of the ribbons when they were announced.

With so many people at the show I decided to put Lucky on the trailer for a few minutes since the In Hand trail class would likely take over an hour. Sure enough Lucky got a nice 30 minute nap before I pulled her out again to get ready to go in the show ring. I had learned from previous shows that for the in hand trail class you are not supposed to go in to the obstacles with the horses. I kept that in mind so as we walked towards the bridge and Lucky hesitated I just stood calmly next to her. She put her front feet on and decided to swing her haunches over. I know that had I walked on the obstacle first, she would have gone on, but with that not being an option I just moved her over and went to the next obstacle. Lucky was great. I thought we were perfect through most of the course.

On the last obstacle, a group of poles on the ground that you need to go in and then back out of, she was a little confused, but I stayed out of the obstacle and she got it after a few steps. Since most other people were going in to the obstacles I assumed that they would loose points. The more people I saw the more excited I got that I would place. Well, clearly I didn’t do as well as I thought because when they announced the top 6 I wasn’t among them. Not only that, but some of the people who had been going through the obstacles with their horses had placed.

To Be Continued…


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