Steve Colbert is Right

So watching the live stream of the National Championships they had a response to Steve Colbert. I sat there thinking, “What?”. I promptly googled and found the link below. Sorry it won’t link well. Click the “Mitt Romney;s Blue Color” link on the buttons below to get to the video.

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Mitt Romney’s Blue-Collar Equestrian Pastime
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I seriously teared up I was laughing so hard. Dressage is so a fancy pants sport. I would never deny that. I mean, we show in WHITE! When we go to a big show we tailgate with Champagne, not Schlitz. I am considered trashy in the dressage world, but am applauded for my manners elsewhere in life. The Romney’s are rich and so they can afford to do things like sponsor a top dressage horse. I am sure they are out of touch with reality, but I have a feeling most politicians are. While the video above got me laughing I have a feeling that it is just the tip of the iceberg. With his third place finish at the Olympic selection trials it looks likes that stunning mare might very well be headed to London, which means dressage has many more weeks of mocking to go…


6 thoughts on “Steve Colbert is Right

  1. I live about 85 miles from the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and maybe 115 miles from Del Mar Horse Park. I have volunteered and just gone to shows there and I’ve watched Mrs. Romney warm up and compete. Politics aside, she is a very down-to-earth person, as nice as she comes across on television, and Jan Ebeling–all other things you can say about him aside–is a very good rider. Very correct, very elegant, and I think based on the scores I’ve seen from the other competitors for spots on the USA Olympic team for 2012, this country stands a very good chance of getting individual and team medals this time around.

  2. Oops, the Anonymous is me, Terry Moondance! Don’t know why I’m Anonymous. Anyway, I wanted to add that I bet someone watched that and said “Wow. Look at that horse. Dressage. Hmmm.”

  3. I think this is a good publicity boost for the sport and I’m glad they are taking it so well. The photo with the foam fingers is priceless! it’s something my non horsey family can relate to and it gets them into watching a sport they otherwise would never view. I like the publicity!

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