I think my volunteer days are over

When the email went out over the winter about volunteering at the festival of champions I signed right up. I figured that this would be the perfect way to get close to these great horse and rider combos during an Olympic year.

I chose to volunteer on the last day. I figured I would be the first to know who would make the team. My time is limited, so if I have to pick a day let it be a good one right?

Well, my planning was off. The selection trials ended on Sat, not Sun. Okay, no big deal. I will still help. When the work assignments came out and I was the awards person I was over the moon. Visions of handing out pretty ribbons danced in my head.

Fast forward to yesterday. I am a crappy volunteer. I am. I didn’t even want to go! I woke up at 6:30 on a Sunday morning in a bad mood. I checked the email I got about volunteering one more time and saw something that made me smile.

The awards person doesn’t need to be there until 45min before lunch. Score! In my joyous state I didn’t think to check the day sheet. Instead I started a load of laundry and figured I would get there by 10am, no problem.

So after a morning filled with chores I headed up to the show. Well, it turns out I should have checked the day sheet. I arrived just after the first awards ceremony. Opps.


One thought on “I think my volunteer days are over

  1. Am having the same “volunteer blues” you are. I’m chair the board of a horse club and live 50 miles away from the other board members. A couple of women are making decisions without checking with me first–which is important because the “things” involve spending money and all expenditures need to be okayed by the board. They like the power without the responsibility. Our summer show is this month and I’m going to be having some one-on-one chats with a couple of these gals. My “volunteer duty” is to sit in a chair for four hours, which is a personal bone of contention with me, but basically I need to make sure these gals know that until December I’m in charge.

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