My Saddle’s Mojo

I ride Lucky in the cheapy adjustable Wintec that I bought last year. Last year it fit okay, but my girl is getting buff. Her shoulders are popping out and her back is coming up. I have had trouble getting the Wintec to be okay. When the tree is adjusted to where it should be it doesn’t fit her shoulders and vice versa. Lucky is totally stoic, but any other horse would be bucking by now. I have tried using a variety of corrective pads, and they make it okay, but the saddle is not fitting great.


When I got an e-mail saying that Jochen Schleese was going to the area (to my friends barn none the less which is 10 min away) I thought “Perfect”. And about 5 seconds later I thought “No, never mind. I don’t want Lucky to get hurt”. You see, I think my Schleese is cursed. Think about it…


I got the saddle for Gen. I got the saddle in January, Gen was hurt and retired by March. That one I could shake off as just a freaky incident. When I made the appointment to get the saddle fitted to Lexi only to have him get injured and pass away before the appointment date…that made me think twice. Not one to be overly superstitious I got the saddle fitted to Phoenix. This time I actually had the saddle fitting appointment and my saddle went up to Canada got taken apart and put back together. I got the saddle back and not even 3 months later my lease with Phoenix was over.


That is THREE bad things that happened around this saddle. I love my Lucky. I am freaking out that if I get my saddle done, something bad will happen to her. I finally have a horse I can do stuff with. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.


Part of me wants to get my saddle done, but part of me thinks it is not worth the risk.


I decided to e-mail Schleese and see what appointment times are available. I can’t take off of work so it might be a non-issue. If they have an evening appointment I kind of want to do it. I just need the tree and flocking adjusted so it shouldn’t be a terribly expensive fix. Nothing feels as good as riding in your own saddle. That Schleese fits me perfectly, the Wintec is just an okay fit.


So what if they can do it? How can I get the curse off of my saddle. Someone told me to burn sage around it. I am willing to try anything at this point! Anyone else out there have ways to decurse a saddle? If I can’t use it I might as well just sell it. There is no need to have a very expensive saddle sitting in my basement…especially one I am worried about using…


8 thoughts on “My Saddle’s Mojo

  1. Wow!….it sure has been along time since I commented much on anyone’s blog 😦 (it feels good to be back). This is Carol, BTW…

    If I were in your shoes, I would get your saddle adjusted if you can work it out 🙂

    I think what happened to Gen & Lucky were just bad luck (nothing to do with your saddle)…..and look how good Gen is doing now!!

    Also keep in mind that Phoenix wasn’t hurt — your lease ended for personal reasons. ….that DEFINITELY had nothing to do with your saddle.

    I know and respect how hard you work to make your riding the best it can be. You say that this saddle fits you beautifully and you are most comfortable riding in it. I think you OWE it to YOURSELF to give yourself the best advantage in improving in the direction you want to go. …so I would say GO FOR IT!

    Lucky will appreciate having a nice saddle that fits her 🙂

    Huggs & kisses to both Genn and Lucky,

    Carol & Griffin

  2. I totally identify with the “saddle curse.” I paid $3600 for a custom saddle that never “felt right” and last weekend when I consigned it to a saddle shop that advertises they can’t keep their consignment stuff in stock, I found that the seat is a 17″ and I need at least an 18″, a fact I discussed with the saddle maker at the time I gave him the down payment–I had been riding in a 17.5″ Albion (a saddle I bought on the advice of another “expert”), and IT was too small for me. This “custom” saddle also pitched me forward and could not be flocked to correct that without harming the horse.

    I complained for a year, but the guy never made it right. I now have no saddle and can’t do much with a bareback pad but am leery of proceeding even with a used “flocked to fit” saddle because anyone I go to will be trying to sell me something–and I’m not a skilled enough rider to know whether or not I’m getting something decent, that will actually put me in the right place and not interfere with my desire to ride better. Cheats like the guy I dealt with know that dressage riders tend to be anal about everything and they aren’t above taking advantage. Every time I see him as the “expert” when magazines seek a “saddle fit expert,” I write to let them know he is NOT an expert. I recount my story. Haven’t seen his “lofty opinion” sought after much these days.

    It’s kind of a moot point right now–the horse is on rehab for a chronic lameness issue (he had changes in his front feet and is now old enough that osteoporosis and “bone density” issues are in the picture, so we’re doing the Tildren “thing”; he’s doing well, but this is taking time.

    Anyway, good luck.

  3. I’m going to throw rationality out the window and say that bad things come in threes, so your saddle should be back to behaving itself with horses now!

    I can empathize with the Wintec fit.. I had (have!) similar issues with my Thorowgood and Haflinger. If it’s properly back of her shoulders, the girth is a foot too far back. If the girth is in the right place, it’s on her shoulders. It’s likely my Wintec would’ve done the same thing, except that I sold it when my Haffie was too wide for the XW gullet! Bah, saddle fitting really sucks some days.

  4. I don’t think your saddle is cursed at all, you’ve just had some bad luck with horses and leases. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have it adjusted it’s only an inanimate object. Try not to attach bad vibes to it an everything will be fine. Remember the old saying : “We make our own luck, good or bad”. Think good thoughts and all will be fine.It’s a shame not to use a saddle that fits you perfectly.

  5. First off, I agree with greyhorsematters. But I know you, so here’s the second thing you should consider. Things happen in threes. You’ve already been through your three. You’re done with your bad luck.

  6. Just because bad things happened before doesn’t mean they are going to happen again. I think our minds create trouble for us just because of the nature of our minds. I’d certainly get the saddle adjusted or, as you said, it could have bad effects on Lucky and then you could have real trouble. Here’s a link to my blog where I wrote about how we can sabotage ourselves through our thinking.

    Good luck!

  7. I had the same issues with a different brand of $3600 special order saddle. The saddle delivered the day I found out I was going to have to put the mare I bought it for down. I have had the same thoughts and people have made the same comments. I am having the tree changed to fit my new horse who is totally fantastic in his own way and it fits me fabulously.

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