I have decided against going to the show tomorrow…

The main reason being that it is really wet and soggy around here. The ground is MUSH and since the show grounds tomorrow is where I got stuck last year I figured it wasn’t worth the risk. Especially since earlier in the week I had decided that I was just going to show her in hand anyway. Getting stuck when I had someone to hold Lucky was one thing, but doing it all alone would be disastrous. I need to make every show a positive experience so I decided to forgo the chance at ribbons.

I also have other reasons. One is the fact that it is going to be 88 degrees with 100% humidity tomorrow. I melt in the heat and Lucky hasn’t fully shed out yet so that is a big reason not to push it. A second reason is that I have a horse show next Saturday. Three shows in 10 days is a lot. A third reason is that I kind of just want a day to clean my house and relax. I have been going non-stop and when I first toyed with the idea of not going tomorrow I actually realized I was looking forward to hanging out by the pool instead of standing in the sun at a show.

The only reason I am bummed about not going is really the ribbons. Not only do they have great ribbons at this show in general, they have the best year end awards!

Would it have been good to get Lucky out again to another show, I think so, but I am also fine with sitting this one out!


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