Goals for the show today…

So today I am going to do a TND show. I hate to call it a show because there is no dress code and no ribbons, but there is a judge and I don’t really have anything else great to call it. Weather permitting, Lucky and I are planning on doing Intro A and Intro B. The big difference for this show is that I am going to work all day before I get there. My job can be stressful so this might not be a very good thing to do. Since Lucky is not in heat anymore I have hopes for a more relaxed horse. Since I am going alone again, and this time I am really alone, no one is coming to watch or take pictures, I figured I would give myself a few goals to fixate on in the hopes it will help me stay focused at the show.

1) Stay calm when getting Lucky ready. When I am in a rush to ride after work I can get flustered grooming and tacking. Since I am not braiding and showing in a polo, I am not going to hold myself to “perfectly bathed horse” standards. Instead, I am going to just give her a good grooming and that is going to have to be enough. If I get flustered grooming and tacking her at home I am not laying the groundwork for a good away experience. I might not have a lot of time to spare getting ready, but I have enough time so I need to keep calm and relaxed.

2) Warm-up like my rope is there. Since I am going alone I cannot bring my awesome neck rope to remind me to keep my hands quiet. At home when Lucky starts to take over I can use the rope instead of my reins. That keeps my hands quieter and my horse happier. No one wants to be jerked in the mouth. I had wanted to use the rope to warm up this show and see if it makes a difference. Since I cannot have it for real, I need to pretend that it is there.

3) Be an active rider. Last show I got all stiff and didn’t ride well. I know that if I ride well, Lucky will go better, no matter what. That means that I need to not be afraid to make corrections both in the warm up and during my tests. Lucky is not a couch!

4) Get to the show by 5pm. I ride a 6 so it is okay if I get there later, but I am really going to try and get there by 5. I want Lucky to be able to take a breath and chill out before I get on her. My game plan is to be mounted by 5:30, the earlier I can get to the show the better!

5) Take care of myself. When I am alone at a show I found that I am not very good at just sitting for a minute and relaxing. I need to be able to drink water, take a breath, etc at a show. This is such a low key affair that it is the perfect way to practice being normal at a show!


5 thoughts on “Goals for the show today…

  1. Good luck! You’ll do great. Let us know how you do sooner rather than later!
    PS. Do you have a bucking strap on your saddle? – you can use that in place of the rope.

  2. Best of luck in meeting all those goals…though I have to wonder about “practice being normal at a show”!!!

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