Watching the Weather

So this week I am trying to do two special things with Lucky. One is a Thursday Night Dressage and the other is a fun show on Saturday. Mother Nature does not seem to be understanding my show plans!

I don’t think I am particularly weather obsessed. I watch the news in the mornings and if I catch the weather great, if not that is no big deal. When I get to the barn and it looks yucky I will pull out my phone to see if it is going to rain while I am there. For the most part, my approach to weather is that we cannot do anything to control it, so why worry about it? This week though I am throwing away my motto and instead have decided to obsess.

They are predicting thunderstorms on Thursday evening. I have no problem riding in the rain for a TND, but I draw the line at lightning. Lucky’s Owner had a horse get struck and die because of a lighting strike so between my normal slight paranoia and her very real concerns I know that I won’t go if it is going to be bad. I am going to plan to go, because honestly the weather people are often wrong, but I know that I will pull back and not go if there is a storm around. So that is one activity on the maybe list.

The second is the fun show. It is supposed to rain everyday this week. That is not good for my truck and trailer because the fun show parking is in a huge grass field. I don’t have 4 wheel drive on my truck. Mud and 2 wheel drive are not good together. If it is really wet I am going to have to scratch the show. I am really hoping that the rain goes away and that we have some beautifully sunny days for the rest of the week. It didn’t rain for 6 weeks straight this spring…we don’t need to make up for all that now in one week!

I really hope that I can do my two shows!


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