A 2012 Triple Crown Winner…

So I know that I am not alone in wanting a Triple Crown Winner in 2012. It has been 34 long years since we have had one (it hasn’t happened in my lifetime). Everyone has been saying that it cannot be done with how thoroughbreds are today, and maybe it can’t be, but man I hope that there is enough magic left in this magnificent breed for another triple crown.

Everyone says that Thoroughbreds are more delicate than they were in the past. Many of them only race a few times, not every other week like they did for 50 years ago. Most Thoroughbred owners complain of weak feet, but new improvements in shoeing mean that most race horses don’t have to worry about that particular deficit. The claims are that they colic more, they break more legs, tear more tendons, etc than they used too.

I know a lot of people who read my blog hate horse racing in general. I actually don’t. I think a lot of the things that happen are wrong, but I feel the same way about dressage and other horse sports. If it were not for racing I wouldn’t have Gennyral and Lucky in my life. Even my Phoenix is a byproduct of the racing injury.

So there have been other close calls, but none of them have meant as much to me as this year. I really, really want I’ll Have Another to win. Why you ask?

Because the third leg of the triple crown is on Ktlyn615’s wedding day!

Ktlyn615 on Lucky

I know I won’t be able to watch the race live, but I do think that it would be very lucky to get married on the same day that a new triple crown winner happens. Plus the horses name is I’ll Have Another. I know that it is in reference to cookies, but it still seems like an appropriate name to wish on for my best friends from college.

The thing is, I really think there is a good chance that this will actually happen. I’ll have another is a total closer who almost ran out of space in the Preakness. The Belmont is a mile and a half which I feel like is a better distance for him. Believe me, I understand all to well that is is going to be a challenge to keep I’ll Have Another sound and ready to go in just three weeks.

I just really hope that the stars align! Anyone else out there excited about another triple crown winner?


4 thoughts on “A 2012 Triple Crown Winner…

  1. ME! ME! I have an OTTB who raced five times. His two jockeys during those races were Kent Desormaux and Chris McCarron. I have always loved the “upside” of horse racing. Yes, there are downsides everywhere–shady people, crappy connections, horses that don’t fare well, backstretch workers who aren’t always appreciated–but I have SUCH a good feeling about this horse. He doesn’t get rattled at the crowds or the excitement. He wasn’t even sweating after the Preakness. He was just dirty ;o)

    And Flower Alley is a favorite, too.

    I’ve always had a good gut feeling about Team O’Neill even though there are charges pending against Doug for “milkshaking” and running horses that really should not have been raced (with at least one breakdown requiring euthanasia) but so many of the owners have had such good things to say about him and how he treats them. And that jockey is absolutely adorable. As HE says, and he’s right, “It’s all about the horse.”

  2. Totally think IHA will like the extra distance in the Belmont. He really impressed me in the Derby coming from behind through all that slop, and showing real grit pounding out that last quarter mile in the Preakness.

    According to Katie over at Reflections on Riding, IHA’s chiropractor says he has really great range of motion in his joints – like a horse yogi. Apparently it’s working for him. 🙂

  3. It would be cool if it happened, but I’ve really stopped following the big races like I used to. I’m with you on racing… there are a lot of things I would change, but it’s just like any other horse sport. I do thing tb’s are getting frailer over the years, but that happens with a lot of breeds. The standardbreds aren’t nearly as tough as they were just ten years ago. Gorgeous photo of Lucky btw.

  4. I haven’t been to a horse track since Big Brown tried to do it. And before that the last time I went to a track was for Funny Cide I think the name was. So I guess I’ll make may way out again for IHA. It took me 2 hours to get out of Belmont (just out of the park) last time. It’s a nightmare. Must have been well over 100,000 disappointed people. Except that one jerk that bet the long shot.

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