The “I like Geldings” Horse Show – Part 1

So I have been feeling super confident for the last two weeks after the success of our first horse show. When last week Lucky went in to her big spring heat, I didn’t really think too much about it. Sure, she would scream more on the cross ties, and yes, she would try and drag me to see the other horses when we were out for a hack, but minus the ocean of pee and all that, we were fine. In fact, we have been better than fine lately…Lucky and I have been looking and feeling really good as of late.


The night before the show I had a bad ride on Lucky, she was not very focused at all. I got her to sort of listen to me after 45 minutes and got off. I figured a bad ride before the show would mean a good show…right? It was too cold for a cold water bath so I gave her a nice grooming and braided her up. I have not done real braids since the Memorial Day show with Phoenix back in 2010! I was impressed with myself how they came out. I did get a phone call while I was braiding. The Young Rider had offered to come to the show with me, but when she called me up and explained that she had an offer to go to the beach I didn’t hesitate in telling her to take the weekend off and relax. She had just finished her final exams and Lucky and I were fine showing alone. Of course it would have been more fun to have here there, but she needed some down time. I finished up with Lucky, put her hood on, turned her loose, cleaned my tack and headed home for the night.


As everyone who has ever read my blog knows, I LOVE to show. I ended up waking up at 4:30, a half hour before my alarm went off, because I was so excited to be going to a horse show. In the past month Lucky has gotten strong and fitter and her gaits are showing it. She even has suspension at the trot! I could’t wait to show off my old green horse in the show ring.


I picked up my trailer at Gen’s and gave him a kiss for good luck. He is so stinking cute when he is sleepy! After a few minutes of cuddle time I headed off to see how my grooming job and braids held up with her out for the night. When I pulled in the driveway I was pleasantly surprised to see Lucky’s owner was out feeding all of the horses. She woke up super early even though she wasn’t feeling well so she could feed before I got there. How nice is that! I packed the truck and trailer up while Lucky finished her breakfast and had a nice chat with her owner.


I took a peak at her through the back of the barn and saw no signs of mud. Lucky hadn’t rolled! Man I love my Lucky Lady! I was also happy when I took off her hood because she didn’t rub out her braids either. My little rock star!


She was peeing and screaming up a storm, which was making me crazy, the whole time I was getting her ready. Finally I deemed her clean enough to get her saddle on so we could head out. I really like saddling her before I put her in the trailer…it makes my life at the show so much easier! She loaded up like a total champ and we were off to the show with well over an hour before our first class.


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